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Refresh Your Fall Day 3- Write Friend's Great Qualities

Refresh Your Fall Day 3- List Great Qualities of a Friend


We’re switching gears today to work on a new project–writing down some of the great qualities of a friend or family member. How does this help refresh your life?

Well, it’s almost like a gratitude list for your friends. Recognizing the good in other people is a great way to show appreciation for them and it makes you a more positive person! Share love, not judgment!


If you choose to share your list it will also help your friend! It’s inspiring to hear sincere compliments from someone we care about and admire! Who doesn’t like positive feedback?

To help you get started we made a quick list to help you brainstorm some fantastic qualities–be as specific as possible!

Writing a friend's great qualities is a great exercise in gratitude and friendship.

10 Qualities We Appreciate in Friends


  1. Sincerity

    Gives genuine compliments. Really means it when they ask how you’re doing. Doesn’t pretend to like something just because it’s trendy. Non-fake friends make the best friends.

  2. Loyalty

    The Samwise Gamgees and Dobbys of the world make our hearts smile.

  3. Honesty

    Many people have the quality of “saying what they really think” these days–been on Facebook lately? Consider writing how your friend is honest in other ways.

  4. Fun

    You know there are a bajillion ways for someone to be fun. What ways do you admire in your friend? Preferably the kind that doesn’t maim one of you.

  5. Dependability

    Is your friend on time for lunch dates? Actually texts you back instead of just thinking of a reply in their head. Always recognizes and appreciates your constant movie line quotes?

  6. Good Sense of Humor

    Do you have a friend who can always cheer you up when you’re down? Who has a clever or humorous perspective of life? Quick wit. Talent for finding funny memes or telling awesome jokes. Appreciates your humor. Can make a group laugh without being crude or unkind. There are so many ways people express this desirable quality.

  7. Empathy

    They don’t “one up” your problems and consider others’ feelings. They live the Golden Rule.

  8. Generosity

    So many ways to be generous–with time, grace, money, talents, and more.

  9. Strives to Improve

    We aren’t perfect. Our friends aren’t perfect. Is your friend working on fixing a bad habit, not eating your leftovers, training for a half marathon? Writing down a specific way you see them making an effort to improve is a wonderful addition to your list!

  10.  Kindness

    Kindness is king. How do they take the courageous route to be kind?

    Crouch Sister Honorable Mention: Likes to Eat

    Because some of the best people we know have an appreciation for delicious food.

    Post it notes

More Tips for Writing a Great Qualities’ List

  • This page can be a big help in completing this challenge. It discusses Norman Anderson’s famous list of personality traits. You might want to stick with the first part of the list though. 🙂
  • MindBodyGreen has a thoughtful post about qualities in a great friend.
  • Our brainstorming list shared qualities that specifically contribute to a friendship, but it’s also great to list some of their talents that you appreciate! Is your friend a great cook, genius web designer, soccer player? These are admirable qualities too!
  • Your final list can still be helpful if you keep it to yourself, but consider sharing it with your friend or family member! Write some qualities on post-it notes, make a quick video and send it to them, send a good old-fashioned handwritten letter.

We’ll talk more tomorrow about how getting feedback from friends about our talents and qualities is so helpful!

We’d love to hear below about some of your favorite qualities of your friends!


You can check the first Refresh Your Fall post if you want to plan ahead or have time and need to catch up! 


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