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Refresh Your Fall Day 2- Go Through Your Closet

Refresh Your Fall Day 2- Go Through Your Closet

We’re tackling a big project today–your closet! But don’t worry, we have some quick tips if you have a packed schedule today to still make an impact on simplifying your life! And if you have more time to work on this challenge, it could completely change your morning routine for the better.

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What to do for your closet…

If you only have a few minutes: 

Try out Oprah’s hanger trick from Peter Walsh! You can put your hangers backward today and streamline throughout the season. It won’t be an immediate fix to give you more closet space, but it’s a great exercise to learn more about what you actually wear!

Hangers switched different ways to show which clothing you have worn that season.

Have you tried this popular hanger trick?

If you have 30 minutes:

Quickly skim through each item in your closet or dresser and pull out the obvious donation items–pieces that don’t fit, are worn out, that you just don’t like, etc. Put them in a box and right into your trunk to donate them the next time you run errands. Don’t drive around with them in your car for the next few months! 🙂

Finish with a quick straightening and cleaning. If you don’t already have matching hangers, consider putting some on your shopping list! It’s an inexpensive way to make your closet more appealing.

If you want to transform your closet: 


The sisters have mixed opinions about Marie Kondo’s Konmari process in this book. Perfect example of how you need to find a simplifying process that fits your “style”. I know, bad pun. But seriously, this is not a “one size fits all” situation. If your wardrobe is a source of stress in your life, do some research about building an ideal wardrobe (or minimizing your closet) and try out a method that suits your personal ideals and style!

For me, the Konmari clothing process totally rescued the closets in my home and really was life-changing! I donated several bags of clothing that didn’t spark joy. Clothes that had survived several other purging methods but still were not loved. Two years later I still fold our clothes using Marie Kondo’s method, have an improved clothing budget, and have generally organized closets (still haven’t totally taught all my kiddos to not dump out clothes when they’re in a hurry).

If you want to really go minimalist:

Check out Project 333. I haven’t solidified capsule wardrobes for all of my family, but these concepts have definitely helped my laundry routines! And my family’s understanding of our personal styles. I also love Allie Cassaza’s examples of her family’s wardrobes.


We really want this challenge to be helpful for you! Chat with us below or on social media if you have more questions or to share your successes!

Beautiful dresses neatly hung in a closet

More Closet Tips from The Sisters

MaLee’s Closet Minimizing Tip:

Don’t hang on to “someday I’ll be able to fit into this again” clothes. Get rid of clothes that you are only hanging onto for sentimental reasons. Barring your currently out-of-season clothes, if you haven’t worn something in the last two months, you probably don’t need it. Give it to someone who does!

Maegan’s Konmari’d Clothing Storage:

I’ve kept favorite baby/kid clothes for future babies, my wedding dress, and favorite out-of-season and maternity clothes in storage. Note favorite! 🙂 Don’t store what you don’t love.

These clear Sterilite containers with latches are my favorite way to store clothing.

Tara’s Closet Organizing System:

In the past I have kept shirts I really really didn’t like just because they were a good shirt or it fit. Not worth the closet space. Ditch them!

I also organize everything by type (undershirt, long sleeve shirts, sweaters etc.) and then by color in that category.
Mariah’s Donation Tips:
Don’t give away your junk! If something is very worn, just pitch it. Only donate things that are in good shape. Even better, ask your favorite donation center if they do textile recycling! Then you can donate the good stuff and the worn stuff in one stop, and no waste!
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