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Refresh Your Fall Day 4- Write Your Best Qualities

Refresh Your Fall Day 4- Write Your Best Qualities

Yesterday we focused on listing a friend’s best qualities–now it’s time to think about YOUR best qualities!

Understanding your talents, strengths, and best qualities can give you clarity about the good you can bring to the world! When you really know yourself, it can help guide your career, life’s mission, and day to day to-do’s. You might also see areas in your life that you’d like to improve!

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Our Experiences with Writing about Our Best Qualities

We made a list like this once in Young Women’s (class for teenaged girls in our church), and it was hard! I had to start small, like I smile at people as I walk by. Then I moved on to the bigger stuff like I am loyal to the ones I love.



I made a short list like this before I got married that I keep with my scriptures. The list reminds me that I do have some strengths even when I’m feeling discouraged.

I’m going to try a 100 Things List. Litemind has excellent examples of how to use 100 Things Lists to brainstorm about any question. Basically, you write 100 answers to your question to help you dig deep and recognize patterns. I bet you could learn some helpful things about yourself if you tried to write 100 of your awesome qualities!

More List Tips

Be specific.

Tara’s example of smiling at people when she walks by is perfect!

Ask a friend or family member their thoughts on your best qualities. 

A good friend will be honest and probably think of traits that aren’t obvious to you.

Use personality tests and other professional resources.

This article from Fast Company comes more from a business angle but the tips are spot on for finding and developing your strengths.

Use specific strength finder assessments.

We rarely recommend books we haven’t personally read, but we’ve heard great things about StrengthsFinder 2.0. We’ll update this once we’ve had a chance to review it!

Pray about your list. 

God knows and loves you better than anyone! He’ll teach you more about yourself if you ask Him. If you are a Latter-day Saint, your Patriarchal Blessing will likely have special insight into your unique gifts.


We’d love to hear your experiences with today’s challenge!

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