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Have you ever received a gift that was almost too pretty to open?

We adore those kinds of gifts, especially Maegan!

Creating a beautifully wrapped present takes more time, but it sends the message that you really care about the person receiving the gift.

You don’t have to be a “crafty” person to make it happen. There are so many EASY ways to create that wow factor.

I rounded up some awesome tutorials so you can learn how to dress up your gifts. Most of these presents are decorated specifically for Christmas, but you can easily adapt them to fit the right occasion. I included a few preview pictures from the videos, too.

My Home Ideas

Say goodbye to gift bags! Ray shows us the basics of wrapping a present with paper! Learn how to properly size your wrapping paper and get crisp lines. Pair with this quick video from 5 Minute Crafts that shows how to wrap rectangle, circle, and triangle shaped packages.

Jennifer Decorates

Jennifer’s six designs are Gorgeous. Classy. Easy. What more could you want? See how a simple bow adds a ton of beauty in this video. These are two of my favorites from her tutorial:

I love how she included a beautiful but masculine design too (bottom picture)!


Amanda uses simple techniques and materials to create 10 different wrapping effects. These are cute! I mean seriously, look at that paint splatter one! There’s chalk effect wrapping, Rudolph, pom pom polka dots, and more!

Paper Guru

Gahhhh, how pretty are these presents?! Here’s the video for the Sakura Cherry Blossom gift wrapping and the video for the other folded design! You can use whatever wrapping paper you want.


Here are 8 easy designs using things you probably already have- rubber bands, balloons, twigs, etc. My favorite is her adorable cupcake liner bow (top image)!! Go to 9:30 in her video to see how she does it.


Want to skip the bow entirely? Try some more folding techniques that stand on their own! Chezlin makes three designs by folding wrapping paper: pleated brown paper, a zigzag design, and a pleated fan design. My screenshots don’t do these justice. They really are adorable.


Karinka Oli

No tutorials here. Just 3.5 minutes of Christmas wrapping inspiration.

Hope this gets you started! Now go out and impress people!


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