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Refresh Your Fall Day 7- Go outside today

Refresh your Fall by refreshing your soul–go outside today!

If getting outside frequently isn’t a challenge for you then we want you to just enjoy your great habit today. Please let us know your tips for enjoying the wonders Nature has to offer!

But if spending time outside is a challenge I hope this helps!

Consider the Benefits of Spending Time Outside

I was going to write about 10 Great Reasons to get Outside and instead found this article from Physical Living that already shared this perfectly. It’s a good one!

Do you have Nature Deficit Disorder too? Now that we’ve read a good reminder of the benefits of going outside, here are a few tips to help you do it.

Adapt outdoor time to your current stage of life

My husband and I spent so much time outside when we were dating. It was easy! Now not so much. How do you get outside time when it’s hard to fit in your schedule or it’s not rejuvenating? Plan ahead for ways that make you feel great to be outside!

Busy student? Find an outdoor study spot or an attractive route to walk to your classes.

Busy work life? Form a group to walk at a nice spot near work during lunch or even just eat your lunch outside! Pick an outdoor hobby for some of your downtime.

Busy parent? I love taking my kids to the park, but it’s not always so relaxing! So I try to include trails and gardens in our outdoor time to help me feel more refreshed than the bustling playgrounds.

The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen -William Shakespeaere

Find a Favorite Outdoor Spot

It doesn’t have to be a super woodsy traditional State Park, though that would be awesome. Find a spot that is convenient for spending regular time outside or appealing enough to draw you out of your busy life!

I live in one of the Cities of Fountains. Kansas City is beautiful!

A few of my favorite Kansas City outdoor spots:

-Two small parks near my house that are easy to walk to with my children (convenient)

Loose Park‘s beautiful rose garden and trails or Kauffman Memorial Garden (appealing)

Sheila Kemper Dietrich Park (we call it “Dragon Park” (fun for kids)

-Outside Crown Center or the Plaza (festive and exciting)

This KC Parks website just became one of my new favorites. Look for a similar site for your area and get exploring!

Make outdoor activities part of your traditions

Have a weekly family walk, learn a new outdoor sporting hobby, or think of ways to take some of your favorite indoor activities to the great outdoors! Most activities can have an outdoor component or option. Have more picnics!

The Sisters’ Fall Bucket List included several outdoor activities if you are looking for seasonal ideas.

Take time to enjoy just being outside like children do.

Children know how to stop and smell the roses! Let’s find ways as adults to take time to enjoy the outdoors too!

Hope this post has helped if you have Nature Deficit Disorder like me! I start to wimp out when it gets in the low 50’s and 40’s outside. But today we’re going to get bundled up and have a picnic and some outdoor time to get refreshed! I’d love to hear what you do outside today!


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