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Looking for Halloween activities you haven’t done a million times? We’ve got you covered.

This Blue Dress Sisters (before we met Tara!) Halloween 2008

19 Unique Halloween Activities You Should Try

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1. Four Parties

For a Halloween spin on TLC’s Four Weddings, grab three party-loving friends and compete for the best Halloween party! Click here to see how it works and to get free printable rating cards!

2. Themed 5Ks

Many cities hold Halloween 5Ks in October. It can be a blast designing a costume you can also run in!

In 2011, Mariah and Jake participated in a Zombie Apocalypse 5K and got to infect the “healthy” by tagging them and taking their flags.

3. Zombie Paintball

Here’s another awesome zombie experience: Zombie Paintball! Shoot zombies with colorful ammunition- all while riding on a hayride in the middle of the woods.

4. Attend a Masquerade

Get mysterious! Look up a local masquerade party or host your own. Masks are really fun to make, or you can find tons of inexpensive masks online, like these beautiful couple’s sets.

5. Take a Face Painting Class

Brush up on your face painting skills to be able to pull off a killer Halloween costume, or to makeover your little nieces and nephews with cute designs. Attend a local class or do an online course, like this Special Effects Makeup class from Udemy.

You can center an entire evening around doing costume or injury makeups and sharing their backstories! In MaLee’s makeup class, her teacher asked the class to create a story to inspire their injury makeup, and it made the experience more fun. Here is MaLee after “getting punched by a man’s fiance in a bar.”

6. Halloween Food Frenzy

Creating Halloween themed food is so fun! You can have a bake-off with friends, a spooky dessert potluck, or an all-pumpkin recipe party!

7. Halloween Competitions

Friendly-competitions can fire up your creativity and amp up the fun. Go against friends and loved ones and have a house decorating, costume, or pumpkin carving contest.

8. Go Boo People

The nice kind. Similar to cookie ditching, spread some Halloween cheer and leave goodies by someone’s door! Attach one poem card encouraging the “booed” person to carry on the tradition, and one “We’ve Been Booed” card to the goodies. The person will put the “We’ve been Booed” sign in their window to let people know they’ve been booed. This is one of Maegan and Tara’s favorite Halloween activities! Click here to grab one of our cute Booing card sets to put with your treats! (We recommend printing on card stock for more durability.)

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9. Halloween Villages

Create a spook-tacular mini village complete with lights and sound! Scout out your local thrift stores for any cool, cheap pieces, or scout online for unique pieces like this haunted well, pumpkin water tower, or you know, Bone Jovi!

10. Costume-Making Party

This can be a family activity or a fun time with friends! Bring your costume materials and craft supplies, set up a large table, and get creative together.This event can be even more fun if you are doing a group costume, like our cute Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat.

Here’s a few costume ideas for you!

11. Dia De los Muertos

This beautiful Mexican holiday centers around remembering family and friends who have passed on. There are many activities you can do to honor your ancestors, such as decorating their grave sites (marigolds are typically used) or researching their histories on There is a good chance that there is a Day of the Dead festival near you, too, which is sure to be a colorful and uplifting experience. Don’t forget to make treats like sugar skulls (recipe from Sugar and Charm), pan de muerto (recipe from Nibbles and Feasts), tamales (What’s Cooking America), or these adorable sugar skull cookies from My Crazy Good Life!

We also LOVE the movie Coco, which centers all around this holiday.

12. Visit a Candy Making Factory

Don’t wait until Halloween to gorge on candy! You can tour a local candy-making factory or make your own candy at home! Last year, MaLee, Tara, and Makayla made assorted chocolates at Just Add Chocolate in Lehi, UT. Read about their experience here!

13. Attend a Haunted Corn Maze or Witch Village

Skip the Haunted House and get scared outside instead. Shake things up.

14. Movie in the Backyard

Speaking of getting scared outside, watching a movie in the dark increases the creep factor. Bonus points if your house faces woods.

A non-scary alternative? Put on a classic like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Tara’s family tradition) or Harry Potter and enjoy a warm bowl of one of our favorite chili recipes!

15. Grab Allll the Halloween Food Freebies & Meal Deals

There are so many freebies and discounts around the 31st. Do a quick search in your area and try to get to every single one! Krispy Kreme, Sonic, IHOP, and Chipotle usually do a Halloween promotion every year.

16. Ghost Story Night

Host a fun evening around a campfire, make some wolf’ems, and bring your best ghost stories to swap! Or, tell a silly ghost story to your kids and have them illustrate it.

17. Escape Room

Nothing like being trapped to get you in the mood for Halloween. Can you get out in 60 minutes?

18. Plants Vs. Zombies Binge

Hook up your console and see how many levels you beat in one sitting. It’s more fun to play Plants vs. Zombies in a group, and is almost as entertaining to watch as it is to play!

Mariah’s kids love the Plants Vs. Zombies soundtrack, which you can buy for $3.99 here.

19. Night Time Games

One of our favorite night games was Ghost in the Graveyard. Try out glow games like glow-in-the-dark bocce, glow bowling, or glow ring toss.  You can also put together your own version of Fear Factor.

Madison and our brother Dalyn, Halloween 2015

Have a fun, safe Halloween!

-This Blue Dress Sisters

Hate getting scared but love the fun side of Halloween? Check out Madison’s list of non-spooky activities for adults!

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