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Looking for non-horror Halloween movies that won’t scare your pants off? This post is for you.

Halloween is one of our FAVORITE holidays at This Blue Dress! We love dressing up, eating lots of candy, and decorating our homes with fall decor.

Halloween is usually a holiday for horror-lovers, but that is not our thing. Demons, haunting ghosts, and all things gore are not part of our Halloween. 

It is fun to be a little spooked, but scary is a whole different category. Scary movies leave us restless and jumpy for days. We love thriller movies but they can be hard to find in the masses of horror movies that flood our streaming services in the fall.

Thankfully, there are plenty of movies for the whole family for the weeks leading up to Halloween. We created the ultimate list of non-horror Halloween movies! You can have a movie marathon or pick your favorites!

We split the lists into two categories for those looking for more kid-friendly movie options. We know that not every family chooses to watch the same movies, so we highly suggest checking out IMDb’s Parents Guide before watching them with your children.

The Internet Movie Database will tell you if there is any language, frightening scenes, or sex in a movie. You can search for any movie or TV show on their website here. You know your child best and we trust you to make the best decision for your family. 

These are movies we enjoy watching in our family! They bring a spooky feel to Halloween, while leaving the horror behind (far far away).

Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies and TV Episodes 

Mickey’s House of Villains 

This is a Halloween classic and is great for the family. Some scenes may be intense for younger children, especially because it includes spooky scenes with their favorite characters like Mickey and Minnie. It is a collection of shorts, so you can skip some without children noticing if you feel some shorts are too intense. It is generally accepted for most children ages 5+.

Hotel Transylvania

This is an “older” children’s movie, but a fun watch for kids! They get to see a viewpoint from the monsters and vampires that children usually see as the “bad guy”. It is goofy, has an entertaining story line and it appropriate for ages 8+.


This is a cartoon classic that many generations have watched, and it is a show packed with mystery for children. You can find some episodes and movies on Netflix! Generally appropriate for 5+.

Just Add Magic

This is a family favorite of ours! It is clean and has an interesting story line about a young group of friends who find a spell book. Find this series on Amazon Prime. This is great for ages 6+.

Corpse Bride 

This is a Tim Burton movie, and he is known for his creepy themes. We really enjoy the storyline of this movie, but it may be too scary for younger children as a huge theme of the movie is death. Again, use discretion for your own family. Our family watched this with ages 10+.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

This childhood classic is appropriate for the whole family! Children can follow their beloved Charlie Brown around his fall adventure. Ages 3+ love this classic.


Older children may find this more entertaining than younger ages, but this is a clean and less intense movie. It is an Disney Channel movie from the 90’s and is filled with witchy fun! We suggest ages 8+ for this film.

Toy Story of Terror

A very kid friendly Halloween short filled with the best Toy Story characters! This short is a fun way to kick off your Halloween traditions with your family. Ages 6+ would enjoy this.


This is Disney made, kid-friendly, and great for the WHOLE family. We say the whole family with gusto because even adults like this one. It isn’t cringe-worthy for parents. The theme is family and takes place during Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). It has skeletons and includes lots of Halloween/fall colors! Ages 6+ love this film!

Halloween can be such a fun holiday for children, so check out more ideas for activities here!

We included these next movies and TV shows in the adult section because of mild language, frightening scenes, or more mature themes. A lot of them include magic or mystical themes. 

Non-Horror Adult Halloween Movies

The Harry Potter Series

This is one of our favorite series to rewatch in October! The magic and dark themes feel spooky without any horror. You can binge-watch all 8 movies during this month or pick your favorites. Most families agree these movies are appropriate for ages 12+, but be aware the themes get darker as you move along the series.

The Prestige 

This is one of our family’s FAVORITE movies of all time, and it is a great Halloween movie. It has magicians and suspenseful scenes that make for a fun movie in the dark. The acting is phenomenal and you’ll want to watch it again after you finish it (true story). The themes of the movie are heavy, so we recommend ages 14+ for this.


This TV show is where crime shows meet comedy. The main character is a fake psychic for the Santa Barbara police department and he tries to keep his secret while solving cases. You can get your fill of mystery, without the intensity of a classic crime show. Some cursing is used throughout the series, and subtle innuendos, but nothing extreme. VidAngel does filter this series if you have that service! We included a list of our favorite episodes and a list of the scariest episodes if that is what you are looking for! Ages 13+ is recommended.

Best Episodes:

  • Season 1, Episode 2 (“Spelling Bee”)
  • Season 2, Episode 1 (“American Duos”) This is our favorite!
  • Season 2, Episode 13 (“Lights, Camera, Homicidio”)
  • Season 5, Episode 8 (“Shawn 2.0”)
  • Season 6, Episode 6 (“Shawn Interrupted”)

Scariest Episodes – 

  • Season 3, Episode 15 (“Tuesday the 17th”)
  • Season 3, Episode 16 (“An Evening with Mr. Yang”)
  • Season 4, Episode 16 (“Mr. Yin Presents”)
  • Season 5, Episode 16 (“Yang 3 in 2D”)
  • Season 6, Episode 11 (“Here’s Lassie”)

 Sherlock Holmes

This famous detective adds a perfect touch to Halloween. This movie includes an intense storyline that is engaging and a little spooky. The villain is too scary for younger audiences, and we recommend ages 14+, but be advised there are a few scenes that may be best for adults only.

Black Panther

Superhero movies make for an awesome Halloween theme. They add suspense and intensity without being scary. A fabulous superhero movie which should be on the top of your list is Black Panther. Its popularity has grown over the last few weeks after Chadwick Boseman’s death. This is one of our favorite Marvel movies, as it has a fantastic theme without the junk that often comes with action movies. Ages 12+ for this movie are usually recommended.


This cheesy teen romance film has made its way back to Amazon prime! It has vampires and includes some intense scenes, but is overall an amusing addition to a spooky Halloween night. Ages 14+ for this movie.


This is a black and white film for your Halloween movie marathon! Definitely give it a watch if Audrey Hepburn is your costume this year. It is a great balance of suspense and romance. If you like this, then check out more old movies from Mariah’s list! For this film, we suggest ages 12+.

Lord of the Rings

This series is mystical, clean, and an absolute classic. Elves, orcs, and hobbits make for such a better Halloween than ghosts and demons. This series has 3 movies in total and has tremendous extended-editions of the films, that are worth the watch if you have the time. The whole family can watch this, but 12+ is a commonly recommended age.

*Photo credit IMDb, used for review purposes only.

We hope you enjoy these movies in your home, and we would love to hear about your Halloween movies! Comment below if you have one to add to the list! 

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