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I officially decided that I love using mini canvases for quilling! I grabbed a bunch of them during a Black Friday sale at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, and I used one set of four to make a project for my girls’ room. I pulled out the other four for this quilling project. The mini canvases are awesome because there’s enough canvas to be creative with, but the space is small enough to fill within a reasonable time frame.

I was itching to do another quilling project (because it is extremely relaxing and fun!), and I also wanted to craft some Halloween decor for my home. So I did put them together and designed this four-panel Halloween series.

I gave this jack o’ latern some character by making it a bit lopsided.

pumpkin quilling project

My daughter asked if I would make the spider purple, her favorite color. I actually really liked the color pop instead of going with the classic black.

spider quilling project

This little ghost is more cute than scary, which totally fits our Halloween aesthetic.

I wanted to quill another orange Halloween item to compliment the jack o’ lantern panel. Candy corn was the obvious choice! I realized a bit late that I switched the orange and yellow sections on a candy corn, but it still turned out cute.

candy corn quilling

Here are the canvases side-by-side! To hang, you can line them up like this or hang them 2×2 to make a square.

What project should I do next?


Want to learn how to make a simple heart using the quillng technique? Here’s my tutorial!

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