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Four years ago, my family thought we were going to a little pumpkin patch, but we actually stumbled upon one of the best-kept secrets of Middle Tennessee.

Walden Farm, located in Smyrna, is way more than a pumpkin patch. We were blown away by all the farm had to offer: pumpkins, flowers, food, and tons of activities. Nothing gets me in the fall spirit more than visiting this farm for a few hours.

Our first visit in 2015

We were blown away by all the farm had to offer: pumpkins, flowers, food, and tons of activities.

What You’ll Find at Walden Farm

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch has a great selection of pumpkins, squash, and gorgeous, GIGANTIC mums! Several wagons are available (free to borrow) to haul around pumpkins or kids at the farm. Just make sure you bring them back when you’re done!

Free Activities

There are both free activities and things you need money for. The good news is that parking and admission are free, and there are several activities that don’t cost you a dime!

Awesome Photo Opportunities

There are so many amazing backdrops at this farm for fantastic pictures. Mini pumpkin fields, a sunflower garden, rustic barn doors, corn fields, scarecrow friends, and more. Plus there are tons of neat props around the farm to use- wagons, tractors, and occasionally, a costume hut.

Mini Maze

This is one of my favorite activities at the farm. This mini-maze is made of hay bales! Tall enough to be fun and challenging for little ones to navigate, and low enough for parents to see their kids the entire time. Adults can also accompany their kids if they’d like. The best part is the slide at the end- at least, that’s what my kids think 🙂

Grain Bins

Another little kid favorite. There are several feeding bins filled with dry chicken feed and cups. Kids can scoop and pour to their heart’s content. It’s kind of amazing how long this can hold a toddler’s attention.

Toddler town

Sometimes the crowd can be a little overwhelming for the younger kids, and Toddler Town is a great escape. It’s a gated play area that includes tons of toys suitable for the little ones. It’s not a babysitting area though, so don’t leave your kids unattended.

Live Animals

Of course, there are animals on this farm! You can watch goats, piglets, sheep, cows, bunnies, chickens, and donkeys inside of their pens. You can even feed some of the animals! Be sure to bring a quarter to put in the food dispenser.

Live music

On the busier days (typically Saturday), there is live guitar and banjo music! The music adds a fun vibe to the atmosphere. You can take a break from walking and enjoy the bands up close.

Fun You Gotta Pay For

Walden Farm has a payment system called Walden Bucks. Each card costs $10 and has 10 spots to punch a hole. Each punch represents $1. ($2 activity= 2 punches off the card, etc.) There is someone who will punch your card for you at each paid activity.

Hay mountain- Kids can climb up this giant tower of hay bales

Creepy Corner

This is a miniature “haunted house”. Nothing jumps out at you; it’s just a short walk through rooms filled with spooky objects.

On the side of Creepy Corner, you can try your hand at lassoing a bull!


Grab a burlap sack and cruise down a giant slide.


Kids will love the two giant seesaws.

Corn Maze

This corn maze is not full-sized, but it’s perfect for the older kids.

Corn Crib

Like the Grain bins, except this barn is filled with dried corn to play in.

Sand art

You can create a cool work of art by putting different colored sand inside a bottle.

Face paint

Kids can choose a picture from $2-$4 pictures to have painted on their face!

Pumpkin Painting

We have yet to do this activity, but there is a sign for pumpkin painting near the blacksmith.

Pumpkin Train

You can ride on this little pumpkin train that is pulled by a tractor. It’s a fun quick ride.


This 15 minute ride will take you down a secluded road, where you will engage in an I Spy game. Each trailer has a sign with the items to look for as you ride past some spooky decor.

Other Points of Interest

Concession Stand

This stand offers a range of goods. Burgers, hot dogs, walking tacos, chocolate covered cheesecake, and more!

Ole Country Store

This quaint little shop has homemade jellies, candy, caramel apples, and other treats for purchase. (Next year, I want to get my hands on some of that pumpkin fudge!) You can also buy some adorable fall decor.

We hope you have as much fun as we always do! BE SURE to check out the hours before you go, posted on Walden Farm’s website.


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