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I needed some antibiotics for a recurring condition, but I would have done almost anything to avoid high doctor fees and a long wait with kids at a boring office.

Curious, I did a quick google search and found HeyDoctor, an online clinical service.

How Does HeyDoctor Work?

HeyDoctor offers treatments/prescriptions for common things such as cold sores, acute sinus infections, UTIs, birth control, and more.

(Obviously, there are things that you should definitely see a doctor for in-person, and when in doubt, just go see a professional in-person.)

My HeyDoctor experience
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HeyDoctor’s website was easy to use. I selected the service I needed and then filled out a brief medical history and answered questions about my symptoms. Then I was asked to verify my identity by taking a picture with my driver’s license by my face. The last steps were to select my pharmacy and to pay for the service, which was only $25.

I submitted my answers for review by a doctor around 10:30 pm, hoping for a reply by the next morning. And sure enough, I checked my messages on my account the next day and saw that the doctor had responded two hours after I had submitted my information.

He confirmed my diagnosis, gave me instructions on care in addition to the antibiotics, and informed me that he had sent the prescription.

There was also a thorough message about the risks of the medication and what to do if my symptoms changed. The doctor even told me of a website to get the prescription at a lower cost if I did not have insurance.

I had no problem picking up my prescription, and I am on my way to getting better.

HeyDoctor Online Clinic was a great fit for getting an antibiotic quickly and affordably

HeyDoctor Pros:

I’m giving this service a 5/5 rating because:

  • I paid $40 total for both my prescription and my service fee. (BTW, the service costs what it is labeled and there are no hidden fees!) This is less than half of what I would have paid an urgent care center just to get an appointment.
  • I didn’t have to wait at an office with my kids or rearrange my schedule.
  • The service was straightforward and easy to use.
  • Communication was all online messaging, so I didn’t have to worry about how I looked for a video call or worry about bothering someone late-night on the phone. But I also liked that calling someone was an option if I had needed it.
  • The service was very quick, and the doctor was friendly.
  • I also thought it was cool that if you don’t have insurance, you can still this service.
  • You can use this service through their website or app.

HeyDoctor Cons:

  • Of course, they can’t treat everything without seeing you. But the team at HeyDoctor are working to add even more services.

I will definitely use HeyDoctor in the future if I have a common ailment.

Visit their website to learn more about the service and team members:


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