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Function of Beauty…Personalized shampoo? At first, I thought maybe it was a scam. My friend told me that she ordered personalized shampoo from Function of Beauty and loved it. I thought it was pretty expensive for a few bottles of shampoo. But she said that her hair really felt a lot healthier and stronger. I read every review I could find online, but they didn’t really help answer my questions. So I decided I would try it for myself.

My first impression of the site was that it was very simple! To get your own special shampoo recipe, all you have to do is take this hair quiz.

First, you tell them about your hair type. You tell them if it’s straight, wavy, curly, or coil-y. Then you tell them if it’s fine, medium, or coarse. And finally, you let them know if it’s dry, normal, or oily. I liked the little pictures that help you to make your selection!

The next step is to select up to FIVE hair goals. Wow, this part took me forever! I spent so much time reading the descriptions and ingredients that were associated with each one! Each time you click on a goal, it pops up with more information about it. I eventually narrowed it down to lengthen, strengthen, anti-frizz, fix split ends, and nourish roots. I felt like those were the areas my hair needed the most help. But I loved reading the descriptions of the other goals too!

After that, you get to choose your color and fragrance. I wasn’t sure which color to go with, but on the main page, it showed what the colors would really look like, and I ended up going with purple. But you can mix and match shampoo and condition colors, and there’s even an option for dye-free. The fragrances were interesting mixes too and I felt lost of which direction to go. I ended up choosing the “feeling fine-apple”, which is supposed to be a mix of pineapple and coconut.

The last step is to choose the size and frequency of delivery. I ordered it every three months to get free shipping and then canceled my subscription. To be safe, I just ordered the 8-ounce bottles.

And then, I waited.

Function of Beauty Review

The package got here about a day earlier than the expected shipping date, which was a great first impression. The entire package felt so fancy! I absolutely adored the inscription of my name on the sides of the bottles. I thought it was a really nice, personal touch. Also, the marbley look of the shampoo is sooo pretty. Inside the box, there was a hair guide, which laid out my personal recipe. It suggested washing your hair twice with the shampoo. I am so glad that I followed that because my hair feels a lot healthier. It also had some cute stickers in case you want to decorate your bottle.

Personalized bottle for Function of Beauty Shampoo

Function of Beauty Honest Review

The first time washing my hair, I honestly didn’t really notice a difference. It felt like normal shampoo and conditioner, even though it felt like a fun splurge. You know, #TreatYoself. I was also a little nervous that the bottles were so small, but they definitely have lasted a lot longer than I expected!

The “feeling fine-apple” scent is very heavy coconut, and I can’t really smell the pineapple and all. But, I honestly love it! It’s subtle and fresh. And besides, my fiance has told me at least ten times that he absolutely loves how my hair smells.

Now, after 6 weeks of using only this shampoo and conditioner, I understand why my friend really liked it! Even though I have dyed my hair, it still feels healthier and stronger. I haven’t noticed any split ends since my last haircut. I really do think that the goals I selected are really happening! It is so exciting!

So in summary–is personalized shampoo worth the price? I would say, yes! Now, is it possible as a college student to afford $36 shampoo sets every few months? Probably not. But it is an awesome way to treat yourself. It feels like a real luxury! It would also make for a really nice gift for a mom, a teacher, or a newlywed.

Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner
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Have you tried Function of Beauty before? Tell us about your experience below!

Function of Beauty Personalized Shampoo Review

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