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Time is precious, especially in the mornings as we scramble to get ready for the day.

20-30 minutes just for a makeup routine?

Image result for aint nobody got time for that

But…we also want to look cute!

So here’s to you, m’dears. I’m about to introduce you to 15 women that know a thing or two about the art of make-up, because I don’t know a darn thing.

These women have different routines, personalities, ages, and skin colors, and they are all BEAUTIFUL.

All these tutorials are about 10 minutes and under, so you can look fresh in no time.


1. Cara from Maskcara shows us her great idea of playing one song and doing as much makeup as you can for that song! You can get a lot done in just a few minutes.

2. This is a beautiful, 10-minute look by Tiarra Monet. She’s like a Disney princess!

3. This is Hannah! She’s a gorgeous, hard-working momma. I love how she really breaks down the process of applying makeup and gives awesome tips.

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4. Here’s Jordan, featuring a quick, summery look! It cracks me up  how realistic her situation is for for moms (doing your makeup while a little one paints your toes or other shenanigans).

5. Look at those beautiful freckles!! Summer Kellsey shows us her normal routine- a natural look that doesn’t hide her freckles.

6. Chinutay is so bubbly and adorable, and you will learn a lot watching her tutorial!

7. You’ve probably heard of Kate from The Small Things blog, and that’s because she has fabulous hair and makeup tutorials. Here’s one of my favorites:

8. Clothesencounters offers a gorgeous look that you can copy in no time.

9. I don’t know this lovely lady’s name, but her makeup is done by Petite-Sue Divinitti. A great one for mature women!

10. Here is another cute momma doing her makeup in a flash:

11. This is Corillista! She shows us how to get a glowing, natural makeup. Beautiful!

12. Margaret Manning from Sixty and Me gives some tips on looking great in just a few minutes!

13. This tutorial only covers foundation application, but Rose Kimberly nails it.

14. Here’s a very creative video by IamKareno. She shows us a pretty look in under 5 minutes!

15. Angie from Hot and Flashy offers a tutorial for you pretty, mature ladies! She claims to be over 50, but I don’t believe her. She looks great!

BONUS: Here’s the lovely Hannah again! She shows us a quick way to take your look from day to night in under 5 minutes!

Hope these saved your morning! It may take a few tries before you master these looks in the time you want. Practice makes perfect!

Stay Beautiful,


Want more makeup inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest board Pretty Makeup!

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