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We have seen literally thousands of ads for this new skincare line: Curology. All of them include people with the CLEAREST skin I have ever seen! These people are glowing and claim that they are not wearing makeup. Is it true? Will you get skin that clear by using Curology? 

Let me introduce you to my skin! I am 22 years old and have fairly clear skin on my face. I say “fairly clear” because I have seen cystic acne and that is (thankfully) not something I struggle with. Yet, I do wear makeup daily to cover up some “problem areas” and to hide my extremely red cheeks. Like fire truck, lobster, beet red cheeks.

They have always bothered me and I have tried countless products to help soothe the redness and have my skin look smooth – like the women in the videos! I want the better skin that people promised me when I got out of my teen years!

I really wanted this to work, and unfortunately, I added Curology to the list of products I have tried and not loved. 

Last November I ordered my first Curology box. I clicked on an ad that said I would get a whole trial set, and I only had to pay for shipping! As a person who spends a lot of money on trying skincare products, this was really awesome. I liked knowing that if the treatment reacted poorly with my skin then I only wasted $4.95 and not $39.99! 

What to expect from Curology?

Curology had me fill out a little survey about my skin – asking me questions about what I was looking for in medication and if I had used certain products before. Then they asked for a few pictures of my skin with no makeup on.

The Curology website will direct you to take pictures from different angles, and they even include your neck if you are planning on using medication further down from your face. It was thorough and I appreciated the time they took to look at your skin before creating a formula. 

After you send all this information in, Curology will pair you up with a doctor or specialist who can answer your questions about the product or the methods.

I received my box quickly, about 5 or 6 days after I ordered it. It came with the white “Magic Bottle”, which is your custom formula, a small bottle of cleanser, and a bottle of moisturizer. And again, all I had to pay for was shipping. 

The packaging was really neat and the bottles were pretty – but terrible to use. I think they are designed to make it look like there is more than there actually is inside. It was annoying to constantly be banging my bottle to get more out.

Curology is upfront about the amount inside them and claims that the bottle has some fancy technology to push the product out, but I was not impressed with the bottle design. 

What does the Curology box include? 

Curology cleanser and moisturizer for Curology review
Curology Cleanser and Moisturizer

Curology’s cleanser was pretty good. I have extremely sensitive skin and I always have issues with cleansers being too harsh. For the first time in my life, I think this cleanser was not harsh enough.

I would take my makeup off before with a makeup remover wipe, and then I would use this product to clean my face before bed. Although I liked how it didn’t dry my face, I feel that it did not clean my face properly. So it earns a three-star in my book. 

Curology’s moisturizer product was AMAZING. I wish they sold it separately because the moisturizer was one of the best products I have ever used. The consistency is great; It feels like this thin gel coming out of the bottle, so it gets rid of the dry feeling, without making you sticky for hours. 5 out of 5 stars in my book! 

Curology moisturizer bottle for Curology Review
Curology Moisturizer Bottle

The treatment is hand-picked for you, so everyone gets a different formula. But, despite what your treatment is, most users have to go through the “purge” phase. It is the phase where your skin adjusts to the new medication.

I have used medications before and have had my skin get red or blotchy, but I was not expecting my Curology product to itch that bad. After my first use, my face was painfully itchy for about 24 hours. It stopped after day 1 thankfully. This never occurred after any of my next uses, but the first time was a little unexpected. 

I began using the treatment every 3 days and then slowly moved it up to every night. There was no more itching or burning, but I did notice that my already red face was even redder. Because I am aware that skin takes adjusting, I decided to continue with Curology a little bit longer to see if it worked overtime. After 3 months of worsening redness, I called it quits. 

Additional Thoughts about Curology

Curology did not work for me, but for some people it did! A lot of people who suffer from acne problems say that Curology did clear their skin, but it did not clear mine. My skin does not look like the women from their videos. And I certainly do not get asked if I am wearing makeup when I’m bare-faced. 

After reading many reviews, I do want to share my opposing views on some of the negative things that had been said about the company. The payment process was easy and I had no trouble setting it up or canceling my subscription. It was not a scam; I did, in fact, receive everything I paid for! 

All of the people experiencing rashes and little bumps could possibly be going through the purge phase, which occurs with most acne medications. I would suggest discussing the issues with the doctor assigned to you if you experience any extended pain when using this product. 

And finally, the price is not cheap, but not “outrageously expensive” as some users claimed. Compared to doctor’s fees and the other bills that seem to pile up when you need to see a dermatologist, Curology is a much cheaper alternative. 

Sometimes I question the authenticity of their advertisements, but otherwise, Curology is a legitimate and honest company. It just did not work for me. I hope this explains the process of Curology and helps you make the decision on if it is right for you! 

Have you tried Curology? What did you think about it? 

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