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Madison and I went to dinner this week to get a break from work and school stress. We are both Mexican foodies so we decided to give Mi Ranchito in Orem, UT a try. The restaurant was pretty full when we got there but we were still seated quickly. I also wanted to mention the interior lighting was pretty dark, and I may have felt uncomfortable there if I had taken children or was on a first date. For a sister date, it was okay!

It took us a minute to look through the menu because there are so many entree options, and we were unsure what we were in the mood for. Our waitress was impatient and kind of rude; visibly (and audibly) unhappy that we were taking a few minutes to order. We were not pleased at all with the way we were treated by the wait staff.

The chips and salsa was the best part of the meal for both of us. The chips were crispy without being too thick or too crunchy. The salsa had a traditional tomato base and was the thin, restaurant-style salsa instead of the chunky or puree consistency you find other places. It had a good flavor with a slight heat to it.

Our favorite part of Mi Ranchito--chips and salsa

We also decided to spoil ourselves and get a blended drink to split! We settled on a virgin Pina Colada. It was very sweet and had a distinct pineapple flavor, but there were lots of ice chunks and it got annoying trying to drink it through a straw and having ice chunks plug up the bottom of the straw. Not a great consistency and just a mediocre flavor.

Combo plate at Mi Ranchito

Our meals were also just okay. I got a combination plate with a chicken taco, chicken enchilada and rice and beans. The rice was flavorless, the shell on the chicken taco was a little tough, and the cheese melted onto the beans was really greasy. Madison found similar faults with her burrito combination meal. Both of us left the restaurant full but feeling gross and unhappy with the restaurant experience because of our waitress. I might go back, but would probably choose another local Mexican restaurant over this one if I was picking the place to eat.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Their Website:

Location visited: 1109 State St, Orem, UT 84097

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