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I’m a foodie, so I love when I get to try out something new! My latest adventure in food was today, when Maize Food Truck catered to our office building. This was a pleasant surprise as I forgot to pack my lunch, and tacos sounded good!

They primarily cater street tacos and quesadillas. I ordered three of the street tacos and was happy to find the service was really quick. I had my food in a matter of minutes and added some of the salsa and cilantro sauces sitting outside of the truck.

Time for tacos!
I was excited to try these tacos!

Overall, I had mixed feelings about my food. I was excited to try the steak taco but found that the meat was very fatty and not very flavorful. The chicken tacos on the other hand- WOW! They were great! Very savory, flavorful, and delicious! The tortillas tasted good as well, but got a little soggy because the tacos were so brothy.

trio of tacos
Tacos from Maize Food Truck

I would not actively seek out this taco truck myself, but I would eat there again if it came to my office or was at an event I attended. I would not get the steak taco again, but would happily eat the chicken one and would be interested in trying out their rice and beans!

Overall rating: 3/5

Their webpage:

Location: Travels around Utah Valley


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