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Looking for easy red, white, and blue recipes that will wow and still give you time to join in on the party? These patriotic recipes will be perfect for you!

These colorful foods are great additions to your menu for a 4th of July party, Memorial Day celebration, and even a themed birthday party like Superheroes!

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Red, White, and Blue Fruit and Veggie Platter

This platter is SO easy to make while adding the perfect pop of color and variety to the table. You can also customize it to your party’s preferences, like adding red chips, white cheeses or marshmallows, or blue candies.

Flag Pole Bites

These adorable little flags make a great skewer for small fruits! In the past, I have simply used toothpicks, but I couldn’t resist when I saw these flags in the baking aisle. I chose strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, but you could use cream cheese or other fruits.

Uncle Sam’s Punch

This drink is kid (and diet!) friendly, while still appeasing your Pinterest friends. Simply fill an ice cube tray with red Powerade and another with blue Powerade to create these extremely colorful ice-cubes!*

About 15 minutes before the party, layer guests’ glasses in the order of red, white, and blue and allow them to fill their own glasses with Sprite.

*You may also choose to freeze a clear/white Powerade for the white layer, but we decided to use regular ice in order to not mix too many flavors.
*For a zero-calorie option, purchase Powerade Zero and Sprite Zero. It still tastes AMAZING; even my skeptical husband was pleasantly surprised 😉

You can add even more patriotic glam by using a star-shaped ice cube mold!

“Berry” Patriotic Salad

Red White and Blue Salad with Strawberries, Feta Cheese, Spinach, and Blueberries

Inspired by one of my favorite salads at Zupa’s, this salad brings all of the American colors to your dinner table, while also ensuring a healthy option for everyone.

Although only the strawberries, feta cheese, and blueberries are visible, your guests will be delighted to find the spinach, almonds, pecans, walnuts, and red onions hiding underneath. Oh, and let’s not forget that raspberry vinaigrette on the side.

Red, White, and “Blue” Bean Lasagna

The American flag is a must at every patriotic celebration,and this lasagna brings it home. Using grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and black beans soaked in blue food coloring, this design easily turns your favorite weeknight dinner into a patriotic masterpiece that even Betsy Ross would be proud of.

*For a fun “twist”, add blue food coloring to the pasta and make our favorite lasagna roll-ups! (MUCH easier to serve to a crowd, just sayin’).

Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispie Treats

Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispie Treats

If you like Rice Krispie treats as much as my children, well then it’s probably unhealthy how much you like Rice Krispie treats. But since we’re celebrating freedom today, go ahead. Eat the whole tray.

These treats are more fun for kids when you make them lollipop style with red, white, and blue sticks and patriotic sprinkles.

Taco ’bout Freedom Tacos

Nothing screams America like tacos… right? Well, all I’m saying is tacos make people happy “and happy people don’t just murder their husbands”.

There are so many different options that you could use to make the red and the white parts of the tacos: red bell peppers, tomatoes, marinated pork/chicken, onions, cotija cheese, cheese sauce, etc. For the blue, we just used the leftover black beans from our lasagna recipe because we are thrifty like that.

Red, White, and Blue Fruit Bowl

Red, White, and Blue Fruit Bowl

Simple, yet satisfying. Fruit bowls are a must at any summer gathering, and it almost seems like berries were made for patriots. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and a ton of white fruits make this recipe as tasty as it is convenient.

American Flag Jello

And last but not least, a Crouch family tradition. Every 4th of July, we make a jello flag! Although it was probably originally made to feed a crowd (our crowd), we just can’t resist jello’s wibbly-wobbly goodness. Top it with whipped cream, berries, or serve it plain.

We hope you enjoyed these recipes! If you use any of our ideas, please tell us in the comments below!

-This Blue Dress sisters

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