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I am a clothing hoarder. It’s true. I’ll keep 3 pairs of heels that are black because they are all slightly different. One has a peep toe. One has a t-strap. One is just PERFECT with that dress. When I was younger, my mom would tell me if I bought an article of clothing, I should get rid of one from my closet. It was a nice suggestion, but as I explained to her why I needed each pair of shoes, or each dress, she would sigh and move on.

It took me a while to learn why she was telling me I didn’t need to keep every clothing item. It’s about minimalism. If I wore those shoes ONLY with a certain dress, then they weren’t worth the money or the closet space. If I had four black dress shirts, I can’t wear them fast enough or often enough. It’s not about what I CAN afford and what I CAN wear, it’s about what you truly need and want most.

Now I actually enjoy going through my closet each season! I pick out the clothes I didn’t wear and throw them into a pile. From there, I separate the pile into two: donations and selling. I began selling at Plato’s Closet a few years ago but had terrible luck. I’m too busy to sell my clothes myself on apps or online. That’s when I discovered ThredUp.

What the App is:

ThredUp is a website and an app, used for reselling of clothes. You give them some of your basic information (your name and address specifically), and they send you this beautiful polka-dot bag to put all of your clothes into. Then you simply drop it off at your nearest USPS store and viola! Your part is done! They will notify you when they have gone through the bag and will send you a receipt of what they bought. You can cash out in the form of a prepaid Visa gift card or you can get credit in their online store.

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Why I Use It!

-ThredUp is so easy. It requires the same amount of work you would put into donating your clothes. But here you might get paid!

-The clothes they do not buy, they donate for you to an organization in your area. I donate to the Big Brother Big Sister foundation to help kids.

– Its green! Consignment shops and websites like these help out our earth.

-when you sign up, they give a discount off of your first purchase you make on their site.

ThredUp app is easy to use


Why You Shouldn’t Use It

-it’s not a money maker. Like most consignment shops you get paid a little and they turn it around and sell it for a lot. If you want to make money, sell it yourself online. If you don’t want to put the effort into selling (aka me), then sites like this are great.

-it is not timely. They are a top site right now and it takes weeks to get your bag sent to you, processed, and to get your card in the mail. Expect about a month of processing time. This doesn’t bother me because it is just waiting. No work on my part!

-the profits go to ThredUp and not charitable organizations. If you donate to the Salvation Army, then your clothes would be sold for a profit for that organization. You’re helping good people out, plus the tax benefits. ThredUp can’t offer that to you.

make some cash on ThredUp

Overall, I would not listen to the dozens of bloggers who have promised you wealth from this app. The most I’ve ever made off of a bag is 10 bucks. I use it because it takes almost no time and effort to use, and I can make money off of clothes I’d be getting rid of anyways.

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