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These ‘spooky’ activities are kid-friendly, cheap, and fun. Our favorite alternatives to trick-or-treating will make for a fun and memorable Halloween for all ages!

Halloween might look a little different this year, but the magic of dressing up and celebrating this spooky night is still totally happening! Besides, I’m actually looking forward to staying indoors for most of the night because- let’s face it– whoever decided to do trick-or-treating at the end of October did not think it through! It is COLD outside!

But knowing that many children might be disappointed at the thought of not going door-to-door getting candy this year, we’ve compiled our favorite Halloween activities that can be adjusted to your child’s age group.

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Piñata Party

If there’s something kids like more than candy, it’s the thrill of destruction- especially when candy is involved. Hang a piñata in each room of the house (or around the yard) and play Halloween games.

At the completion of each game, let the kids go crazy destroying the piñatas and getting that much-awaited yearly sugar rush. The piñatas can be Halloween-themed, but they don’t have to be!

Piñatas can be expensive, so you could also make your own for another cool activity! Mariah has great inspiration in her amazing party posts like this one for beginners!

Halloween “Egg” Hunt

Since we didn’t all get to celebrate Easter the way we love to, we’re throwing it back to that classic egg-hunt for this one! Instead of hiding their Easter baskets, hide their candy buckets or bags full of candy anywhere you choose!

Have them hunt through the house or yard to find their bucket, leaving a few pieces of candy along the way for them to find. Imagine their joy when they see their bucket is already full, sparing them all the work of going door-to-door.

Glow-in-the-Dark Games

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that kids LOVE glowing stuff. Glow sticks, glow bracelets, glowing tiaras…you get it. Buy a bunch of glow sticks and have a glow-in-the-dark dance party! Not into dancing? Play any game (indoor or outdoor), but add glow sticks. We especially love “Capture the Flag” and good ol’ “Tag”.

“Haunted” Mazes

Picture taken from this site, with instructions for building a maze!

For this activity, you will need a ton of cardboard boxes. Tape the boxes together in a maze shape and let your kids crawl through the maze.

Depending on their ages, you can turn off all the lights and play creepy music, or let them go through with lights. Although a lot of set-up is involved, they will love playing in this maze for hours. You can have candy waiting for them at the end or time them to see how fast they can go through. If you’re really mean, you can even scare them at the end…but that might be traumatic for them.

Painting Pumpkins

If you want to have the fun of pumpkin carving without the disgusting pumpkin guts clean-up, let your kids paint them instead! It’s fun how creative they can be! You can also use this time to teach them about the Teal Pumpkin Project, by reading about it here!

Don’t forget to enter your amazing creations into our annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest! You can learn more about it on our Facebook page.

Car Ride Scavenger Hunt

My family does this every year with Christmas lights and my kids are really looking forward to doing it for Halloween this year! We might a list ahead of time and drive around our neighborhood looking for each item. You can make your own list, using ideas like a spider web, a pumpkin, a witch’s hat.

Check out our Halloween Scavenger Hunt printable (available in white, purple, and light orange) to make it extra easy!

Ghost in the Graveyard

If you had ever played Ghost in the Graveyard with my dad, you would understand the true meaning of terror. But luckily, it’s a healthy kind of adrenaline, and it makes for a really fun Halloween game! If you haven’t played before, Wiki actually has a very detailed list of how to play.

Halloween Houses and Cookies

Halloween Houses Made of Candy

The gingerbread house that the witch in Hansel and Gretel lived in was definitely inspired by Halloween, not Christmas! We love using Halloween candies to decorate these little cottages. My kids love using their creativity to make something so delicious.

You can also decorate Halloween shaped cookies and let your little goblins pile on all the candies and sprinkles–these are a hit with my kids!

Ice Cream Witches and Wizards

Ice Cream Cone Bad Witch

We also loved making these last year. They are darling! And my daughters were great at putting on the faces. You can read our tutorial on how to make this unique treat here, including some tips to not end up with a melty mess!

Campfire Ghost Stories

If you’re into ghost stories, this is the perfect night to bust out that campfire and scare your kids to death. Or you could be nice and help them find kid-friendly ghost stories that they can each share around the fire. Finish it off with s’mores or our favorite campfire treat, Wolf’Ems! (if you don’t know what those are, click that link and you will love us forever).

Halloween Carnival Games

You can create an amazing Halloween Carnival at home with just a few simple games that will leave your kids begging to repeat this Halloween next year!

Have a cakewalk with cupcakes (this post has great ideas for a kids’ cakewalk). Make a ring toss or bean bag toss–or you can buy a Halloween version. Pumpkin bowling with plastic pumpkins. Make each other into mummies (you might want to use crepe paper instead of toilet paper these days).

Halloween Mad Libs

If you prefer goofy stories over the creepy ones, Mad Libs are a great way to write fun stories together! (I’m partial to giggling over screaming myself). A quick Google search will land you with so many funny options!

Halloween Board Games/Movie Night

If you’re looking for something more low-key, a costume party with Halloween-esque games and movies is the way to go! Pop some popcorn, set-up a blanket fort, eat some chili, and chill all night. You could end the evening with some new cozy Halloween pajamas.

Fall Festival

If you’re not into the spooky Halloween themes, you can easily find many fall activities to do with your kids! Bobbing for apples, face painting, pumpkin decorating, making homemade cider, dressing up in your costumes…the options are endless!

Whatever you decide to do, we hope your Halloween is full of fun activities and great memories!

-This Blue Dress

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