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Looking for a fresh, FREE General Conference Activity Packet for kids? You’ve come to the right place!

Update Status: Thank you for your patience as we update our activities for the 2024 April General Conference. We will post above each activity when the update has been completed.

We love General Conference! We always look forward to a big refresh while listening to the Prophet and other leaders of the Church.

(If you don’t know what General Conference is, you can learn more here. People of any faith/belief system are invited to listen and enjoy!)

We sisters have seventeen children between us so far, so we know that kids can get antsy with several hours of meetings. So we hope these new and free General Conference Activities will be a helpful tool in making your conference experience be amazing! We also have more tips for helping children (and you!) enjoy General Conference here.

You can download each activity individually! All printables will be updated to reflect the current leaders before each Conference. We like to add new things each General Conference, so check back before every April and October to see some fresh content.

We’d love your feedback! Please message us or leave a comment with activity ideas that you would love to see for your family or Primary class.

New October 2023: Check out our new Classic Hymns Bingo Games and Church Leadership matching games! We also added a cute, free printable bookmark!

Disclaimer: These files are for personal, family, or church use only. Please respect our sisters’ design talent and time by not taking these for commercial use or storing them offsite for distribution. All rights reserved to This Blue Dress. Thank you!

FREE General Conference Activities for Kids

I Know That My Savior Loves Me Printable Bookmark

Children can use this adorable bookmark in their scriptures or in any book they are reading! After printing out the bookmark, try laminating it before cutting it out so it will become more water-resistant and last longer. Hole punch the top and add a fun bookmark tassel if you wish!

Classic Hymns Bingo Games

We sometimes treat the singing portions of General Conference as a natural snack break. It’s time to tune back in! This bingo game will help families connect with the beautiful hymns that are sung during the Conference sessions.

We also have a simplified version of this games for younger children, where they listen for common themes in the hymns. The game board is smaller and is pre-filled to make it easier for all.

General Conference Memory Games-updated

This is a quiet, easy prep activity to do with young ones during Conference. It also doubles as a great Family Home Evening activity! Try playing this game before General Conference to help youth recognize the names and faces in Church leadership.

To prep the game, simply print out our download and cut out the face and name cards. We recommend laminating the cards to help them last longer.

General Conference Word Scramble Activities-updated

General Conference Matching Games-updated

This simple activity will help your children recognize the leaders of the Church as they match leaders’ names to their pictures.

General Conference Tie and Blazer Coloring Activity-updated

Our children love coloring, and this sweet coloring activity will help your young ones learn to recognize the leaders of the church. We also LOVE Mariah’s design with the amazing women who are such great examples of leadership and strength to us!

General Conference Word Searches

General Conference Activities Word Search Examples

Our kids love word searches! We designed a few different levels of word searches to enjoy–bonus if you hear the words during the session!

Please note that our hidden message word find is particularly challenging, as the words go in any direction. We recommend that one for 8 years-old and up.

We’d love to make more of these for future sessions, so please let us know in the comments if there is a specific word theme you’d love to have as an option.

General Conference Apostle Picture Notes

This cute printable has labeled squares for each of the Apostles so children can draw a picture of something they learn from each talk. Older children, teens, and adults can also use these squares to doodle or write a favorite quote!

You can choose a version with smaller squares all on one sheet or a set of bigger squares across multiple pages.

General Conference Journal Pages-updated

Try these full-page journal pages for writing down inspiration received from the prophet, apostles, and the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary Presidencies. There is even a space to write in a favorite quote from each speaker, as well as a few blank pages for speakers from the Seventy or other Church organizations.

General Conference Mazes

General Conference Mazes Example

All of our kids could do mazes for days! Each one has a gospel theme that the child can also listen for in Conference.

General Conference My Questions

(current for April 2024)

General Conference What Do I Want to Learn Example

Help your children prepare for General Conference by filling out or drawing pictures about the questions or topics they want to learn about during the sessions. Even young children can have beautiful and thought-provoking questions!

We like to discuss these questions during Family Home Evening the week before Conference and mark the answers we find in the app or paper versions when we study Conference.

General Conference Word Board Games

(current for April 2024)

General Conference Word Board examples

In April, my family uses Easter candy for our Bingo-style boards, and in October, we use candy corn to mark the words we hear. It’s definitely a Conference favorite, and we’re always looking for new boards.

This set has two different boards with gospel words and one with gospel pictures for littles or children who prefer to color.

General Conference Apostle Bags

(Updated for April 2024)

Example of Aposlte Picture Card and Bag Labels

This is my family’s most requested Conference activity. I think this is our 8th Conference doing it, and I finally made updated labels specifically for the brown paper bags we use.

We fill each bag with enough treats, snacks, or prizes for the family (or at least all of the children), and each child takes a turn finding the matching bag when an Apostle speaks.

Then we tape the label near our tv to see who has spoken so far. Our children are so excited when an Apostle speaks, and they are much more familiar with their names and talks since starting this activity.

Affordable and Awesome!

These items are not free, but they can help spread love to others and bless your families!

Try out the popular Resurrection Rolls activity with cute and easy-to-follow printable instructions! We have an empty tomb design and a beautiful floral design to choose from.

Love to friendly ding-dong-ditch? We have several different printable poems to attach to your treats! We have every day reminders that someone is loved, or fun seasonal designs for Christmas and Halloween.

We also have family activities available, like this pretty, printable cake walk!

View our full Etsy shop here and check back often to see new items and the current seasonal selections!

Don’t See What You Want on Here?

Please let us know in the comments if there is an activity that you love or would like to see here! We’ll be adding more activities for future sessions!

We’ll be sharing lots of Conference goodness on our social media accounts. We would LOVE for you to tag us in pictures of your family using our materials! #thisbluedress or #tbdConference

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We hope you and your family enjoy General Conference!

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