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Note: Song of the Week is a simple music program I developed for my family to use in our homeschool. It incorporates Latter-day Saint children’s songs and hymns. Families can easily adapt this program for other music or to use with a public school schedule. You can learn more about the benefits of this program in this post.

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It happened again. I didn’t make a list of our Songs of the Week for my planner this past month, so Song of the Week didn’t happen. We still sang some Primary songs, but we didn’t get the main benefits of our regular program. I need to remember that if I don’t write something down, there’s a good chance I might not make that thing happen. Even if it’s important to me!

So I took some time today and made a song list for the rest of 2018! 

Song of the Week program with songs selections for each week

I’m filling out each song of the week in my planner today, so I can keep my family on track the rest of the year!

I am excited to help my children practice these songs this year. (Can you believe it’s almost August?!)

We’re preparing for a lot of big changes–a move, a new baby!–and I know music will bring our family peace and encouragement during these transitions. I’m definitely going to need the Carry On hymn during the long days of packing ahead! And The Lord is My Shepherd will be a great comfort to me as I hopefully near the delivery of our rainbow baby.

I plan our songs around holidays, birthdays, and big family events, so semi-annually I’ll make a blank printable so you can fill in songs according to your family’s schedule. But feel free to use my list as a starting point!

Song of the Week Printables

Song of the Week 2018 July-Dec Song LDS list #ldssongs #mormons #hymns #songoftheweek



Song of the Week 2018 July-Dec Song list PDF with Latter-day Saint Song Selections

Song of the Week 2018 Jul-Dec Blank Dated List PDF with Dates–easy to customize with your own song selections!

**CS selections are from The Children’s Songbook. Hymn selections are from this hymnal.

Hope these songs can bless your family too!


What resources would help your family enjoy more music in your home?


*This post does not represent any official doctrine or stance of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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