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One of the perks of growing up in a college town was that there was always something open late. Whether my friends and I wanted to go out right after school or at midnight for a cast party, there were plenty of places we could go. I never even considered that in leaving Tiger town to attend college elsewhere, I would give up that perk.

Imagine my surprise when I came to Provo as a freshman eager to start my time at Brigham Young University. I lived off campus but still in a very social area. My friends and I would frequently stay up late and either hang out or study in our apartment complex quad. Midnight snack runs occurred all the time, but almost always to the grocery store. Why? Because EVERYTHING IN PROVO CLOSES AT 9PM!

Do you like milk with your cookies?

Okay, not everything. But basically everything. You can drive through McDonald’s or order pizza or something like that, but as far as going and sitting down to eat somewhere, your options are quite limited. Similarly, very few places deliver food. There have been so many times I would have been willing to pay for Cafe Rio or Slab Pizza or The Chocolate to be delivered to my apartment as I studied, but they don’t deliver.

So what’s the point of all of this? Pity the poor Provo college students? Partially. But mainly, this is the point where Chip Cookies comes in. I recently discovered this little hole-in-the-wall cookie joint in Provo. Not only are they open late but they deliver chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven and refreshing cold milk right to your door! Needless to say, they have filled a much-needed niche in the BYU area.

On top of that, I seriously cannot say enough good things about these cookies. Each box comes with four large, warm, cakey beautiful cookies inside. Each 6-ounce cookie is made with gobs of gooey chocolate chips and has a perfect texture. They are so rich and filling and are even good one or two days later (if they last that long). You have to try these cookies!! You will not regret the money or the calories spent on these incredible morsels. Personally, I recommend skipping the milk and eating them right out of the box with some vanilla ice cream. Midnight snacking doesn’t get better than that! 🙂

In case you are ready to order them right now (because, you know, you should) here is their website: You can order right online for yourself, a friend, or even a missionary at the MTC! They are currently located in the Provo and SLC areas, and you can either have the cookies delivered or you can pick them up in their stores. I recommend keeping an eye on these guys as they expand to more locations, more delivery locations, and more flavors of cookies! Enjoy!  


What is your favorite cookie stop?

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