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Well, Father’s Day is just around the corner and just like every year I am sitting here trying to decide what to get my amazing dad for Father’s Day. Men are so hard to buy for-especially men you care about! Since I was searching for gifts anyway, I decided to round up my top picks for all of you to use as well. You’re sure to find something for your husband, dad, and other fathers in your life on this list! Happy shopping!

The first few gift ideas are geared specifically to Father’s Day. If you are the type of gift giver that likes to gear their gifts toward a holiday, this is the section for you! They leave no doubt that you are celebrating “fatherhood” and are an easy way to make your dad/husband happy. The rest are great options for any birthday or holiday occasion so make sure to pin/save this link for later so you can easily find this list again!

*This post contains affiliate links, so we’ll get a commission on purchase you make at no additional cost to you. Thank you! 

1: Dad Shirts

Dads love t-shirts! Especially shirts that say they are a dad! 🙂 Here are 6 of our favorite dad tshirts for this Father’s Day!

Dad Joke Loading

Disney Incredible Dad

Fishing Dad

Dad Definition Shirt

Dad with onesie Pizza combo

Star Wars Dad

2: Mugs

Mugs are another classic Father’s Day gift, but they’re a great gift! My parents both have mugs of their own that we gave them years ago and it is fun for both them and for us when they use the mugs we gifted them. These 5 mugs are our top picks for Father’s Day mugs this year.

Dad Nutrition Facts

Funny Thank You Dad

Color Changing Best Dad

Dad of Young Kids

Lego mug

3: Team Man Crates

This site is designed to specifically appeal to men. There are all kinds of cool crates and gift boxes to choose from including sports crates, grilling kits, exercise crates, and food compilations. I got one of the jerky options for my dad last Father’s Day and he LOVED it! Go to to see all the crates.

Mariah liked the idea of a man crate and decided to do it on a budget! If you are wanting a more cost effective option, this would be a fun way to make sure the man crate includes all of their favorite items!

4: Custom Picture Gifts: Blankets, Photo books, Calendars, Framed pics, etc

One thing that parents and grandparents love to receive are photo gifts of their children/grandchildren. There are so many options now! Photobooks, calendars, blankets, prints for wallets, framed photos for desks, tshirts: the list goes on and on. I have often used Walmart’s photo center for custom photo gifts, and have also been happy with several online services like Shutterfly for photobooks. These make great gifts because they are customized and have a “homemade touch” even though you don’t physically craft them yourself.

5: Zyia Activewear

Whether your husband/dad is a fitness buff or just loves comfortable, quality clothing, this is the gift for him! Zyia makes Lululemon quality clothes for a fraction of the price and they are some of the best activewear clothes you will ever find! Your husband/dad will love these clothes, and you will love when he wears them, too because they are so soft!

(This is a link to MaLee’s Zyia Activewear rep site. She will get a commission on any sales from this site.)

6: Custom Family Proclamations

If you’re LDS, a Custom Family Proclamation is the perfect gift. It’s personal, meaningful, and affordable–only $10! There is currently a Father’s Day special of 15% off gifts for dads (no code needed), so hurry and order by Monday. Orders are processed really quickly so you can make sure you get it printed in time for Father’s Day. It comes in both English and Spanish. Your dad will love it! 

7: Gifts for Work

Most dads spend the majority of their time at work. Why not give him a gift that will be useful where he spends most of his time? My dad has worked in an office for as long as I can remember. I loved going to visit him as a kid and thought his office was just the coolest place ever! Having worked a desk job for the past several years, let me tell you that offices are not the coolest places to spend your time. And cubicles? Even worse. If your dad works a desk job, get him something to brighten up his desk/office! Here are some of the ideas I found that the men at my office would approve.

Magnetic Hourglass

Funko pop figures

Desktop Sports

Cell Phone Stands (If he works at a desk and doesn’t have one, he needs one!)

Zen Garden

8: Spotify Premium Gift Card/Subscription

Everyone loves music, and Spotify is a great place to access it! It has millions of songs from all kinds of genres, eras, and artists. There is something there for everyone. I recently splurged on Spotify Premium and it is AMAZING! I love being able to access my music playlists on my phone when I run, in the car, and anywhere else on the go. For a dad who works out a lot or who just really loves music, a Spotify Premium subscription is the perfect gift!  

9: Plane Tickets

If you live away from home, one of the best things you can get for Father’s Day is you! Or, at least, tickets to see you. You can either buy plane tickets to go visit him or buy him plane tickets to come visit you. I have lived away from home for almost six years and I KNOW my dad would love if I bought plane tickets for a promised future visit!

10: Gunnar Glasses

Does your dad work a desk job? Is he a gamer who spends a lot of time with his eyes on a screen? Electronics emit a blue light that can actually be very harmful to your eyes. When I first starting working with computers the majority of my day, I started to get horrible headaches and my eyes felt strained. My boyfriend suggested I get a pair of Gunnar glasses and I’m SO glad I did! Gunnar glasses filter out that blue light and even reduces glare from screens. It has made all the difference for me. Your dad would love these!

11: Water Shoes

For the dad who loves spending time in the water, this is the perfect gift! We are ramping up for all of the summer vacations and activities, so we need to be prepared. These water shoes are great for swimming, water sports, or fishing. They come in a variety of colors and are very affordable!

12: Deep Fryer

Does your dad like to spend time in the kitchen? He will be super excited when he opens this electric deep fryer from you! Any new kitchen gadgets are fun, but having a deep fryer opens a whole new door for trying out new recipes and foods. You can’t go wrong with this gift for the chef in your life!

13: Gimbal Phone Stabilizer

Does your dad/husband enjoy documenting life through his phone? Take his hobby to a new level with a Gimbal Phone Stabilizer. This gift is on the more expensive side, but is worth the money. It allows you to take video from your phone without the shaking that occurs when you try to record walk and record on your own. With a stabilizer, just attach your phone and make the world your studio. Very cool gift for the techy dad!

14: The Coldest Water Bottle

Does your dad spend hours out working in the yard or go for long hikes? Does he work outside for his job? Or maybe he just drinks a lot of water like we are all supposed to? This heavy duty water bottle is a great gift for him! It keeps your drink cold for at least 25 hours, which is good not only because most people enjoy cold water but because the body actually absorbs cold water faster than warm water so you stay better hydrated. I want one for myself! 🙂

15: DNA kit

Everyone likes to know more about where they come from. DNA kits are a great gift for really anyone in your life, but they make a really special gift for family members. The kits include a simple spit test that is sent back to the labs. In approximately 6 weeks, the recipient receives a breakdown of their racial heritage. It’s actually super cool to see! It also connects you to your relatives. It connected me to one of my cousins who had also taken the test. Plus, they are heavily discounted for Father’s Day right now so it’s a great time to buy them.

16: Man Bags

Every man needs a nice man bag! Not a “murse” but a nice, quality bag to tote their things around in. These two options will fit a wide variety of tastes. The leather option is a more professional/mature option while the cross body bag gives a more casual/millennial feel.

Leather Bag

Cross Body Messenger Bag

17: Event Tickets

Tickets for a future event make an excellent Father’s Day gift. Whether it’s for a movie, a concert, an expo or a sporting event, men love the promise of going to do something they love with the one they love. Stubhub is a great place to start looking for tickets! Groupon is another great site because it gives you discounts for upcoming events in your area.

18: Personalized Money Clips

Personalized gifts are often appreciated because they are unique in a way to the person receiving them. For the minimalist dad in your life, these personalized money clips would make a special gift. They are small and simple, yet still customized to the recipient.

19: Godiva Chocolate Truffles

Contrary to popular belief, there are some men who love chocolate just as much as women. For the men who are not ashamed to profess their love of this delectable treat, this box of Godiva chocolate truffles is perfect! These gourmet truffles will blow him away. They are MaLee’s personal favorite chocolates. 

20: Ray-bans

Sunglasses are a crucial summer accessory for everyone! Not only are they a style item and a fun way to dress up outfits, they are also very important to protect your eyes from the sun. Ray-bans are a classic choice for men’s sunglasses and are perfect for any age range.

21: Nerdy Paraphernalia

Is your dad/husband really into gaming? Or maybe he’s a diehard fan of a sci-fi or fantasy series? Harry Potter, Star Wars, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Team Fortress: whatever his fandom, Redbubble is a great site to look for items from both popular and more obscure games, books, or movies. The art is done by independent artists and can be printed on clothes, stickers, pillows, and more. I’ve been really happy with everything I have ordered from this site.

22: Hammock

Give your dad the gift for relaxation with a new hammock! There are few things more relaxing than reading a good book or taking a nap in a hammock on a sunny day. Even if your dad/husband doesn’t have a yard of his own, hammocks are great for camping trips or even for a few hours at a local park.

Didn’t find anything on this list that fits your dad or husband? Check out this awesome list of unique and thoughtful gifts for men that has something for everyone!

-The This Blue Dress Sisters

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