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Our sister, Makayla, returned home from her LDS mission in Argentina, and we just had to see her after those 18 months away! We went back to our beloved Missouri to spend time with her and other family members.

Trying on our new Argentine skirts!

In addition to celebrating Makayla’s homecoming, two of our little nieces were sad that their cousins would miss their upcoming birthday party. The obvious solution was to celebrate while some of us were together! Since all our kids adore Frozen, we chose that for the theme of the un-birthday party.

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Frozen Birthday Party


We wanted the decorations to be cute, but simple. We found a wall kit that includes a birthday banner, two small pictures of Anna and Elsa, and two huge posters of the sisters. The posters made a perfect backdrop for a photo booth. Here’s our little “Sven” modeling for us:

We hung two shades of blue streamers and threaded cotton balls on string for a snowy effect. The “snow” had to be hung up high so a certain toddler wouldn’t eat the cotton balls. We blew up balloons as well but never got around to hanging them up. 🙂 White Christmas lights and a Frozen themed table cover completed the scene. We didn’t get the greatest party spread pictures in all the hustle and bustle, but hopefully you get the idea.


We went very light on the treats for the party, in interest of time and money. Blue chocolate-dipped pretzel rods and sprinkles made cute “icicles”, and carrots passed as snowman noses. Blue Kool-aid was a hit!

Also, check out this culinary perfection:

Maegan (and her helper, Olaf) made her famous Texas Sheet Cake, complete with blue sprinkles and Frozen figurines from the Disney Store. The cake was soooo good!

Here’s another easy Frozen cake idea! Mariah made this little cake for her daughter’s Disney Princess birthday party. Two shades of blue frosting and a white chocolate snowflake for the top. The snowflake is easy to make. Just print out a snowflake picture to the size you want, put wax paper over the image, and trace using warm melted white chocolate. Let dry and then carefully remove the chocolate snowflake to put on top!

Party Activities


Of course, everyone had to dress up!

We scored these three gorgeous little Elsa nightgowns for $5 at our local Bargain Hunt. What’s better than a costume you can wear to bed?! (You can grab one of these beauties here on Amazon.) Here are our cute girls in their Elsa dresses and braided hair:

Our nephews were so adorable as Olaf and Sven! We made this Olaf hat with puffy paint and a stencil. Madison came to the rescue and made pipe cleaner antlers for “Sven” when we couldn’t find reindeer antlers in the Christmas bin. Look how great they turned out! Madison’s boyfriend Alex channeled Kristoff most excellently in his fur hat.

Face painting

Face paint and sparkles were a must for everyone.

The Sisters wore Anna braids and Frozen iron-on shirts. (We did have to blur the pictures of our shirts with heart stickers for copyright reasons.)

Frozen Games

For our first game, we had the kids pretend to be workers in Kristoff’s ice business. Mariah adapted this awesome idea she saw from Zakka Life. She froze stencils and plastic rings in layers of ice inside of a cake pan. The kids carefully chipped the ice with spoons until they got a prize. They loved it! This took about 15 minutes.

Some very spirited games of Pin the Nose on Olaf ensued afterward. Makayla printed off a picture of Olaf and a few of his noses. It worked great!

What’s a party without a piñata?

We ended up taping the piñata to make it last longer. We had some strong participants!

Following the piñata, our brother led a cute snowball toss game with frozen balloons. Mariah missed it due to her daughter’s diaper emergency and did not get any pictures.

Dance Party

Before we enjoyed some cake, we had a dance party! We played several songs from the Frozen soundtrack. Everyone belted all the words and danced their hearts out.

Photo Booth

To wrap up the night, we used photo props (.20 summer clearance at Walmart!) to do a silly photo booth. The giant Anna and Elsa posters were perfect for a backdrop. Can you tell we had a good time??

Our kids slept very well after this.

We missed our other siblings and their kids! We wish we could all be closer together, but we are sure glad we can have fun times like this throughout the year.

We’d love to hear about any parties you’re throwing!

-Mariah, Maegan, Makayla, and Madison

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