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**Note: This post is being updated to include more recent content and even more awesome Frozen ideas! So things may look a little out of place for a bit.

Our family is a Disney-obsessed one, and our little ones are huge Frozen fans. This means we’ve thrown a few Frozen-themed parties!

We compiled some inspiration for you to create your own magical Frozen event.

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Frozen 1 & 2 Birthday Party Ideas


Wall kits are great! For one party, we found a wall kit that includes a birthday banner, two small pictures of Anna and Elsa, and two huge posters of the sisters. The posters made a perfect backdrop for a photo booth.

For a Frozen 2 party, we grabbed this beautiful backdrop and glitter snowflake banner.

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We also had an iridescent tablecloth with added adhesive gemstones. It sparkled and looked so pretty in the light!

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For one party, we hung two shades of blue streamers and threaded cotton balls on string for a snowy effect.

At another, we bought this cute snowflake kit, which included snowflake and confetti balloons and snowflake dangle decorations. We added white lights around the room and blue foil door curtains, which gave things a wintry effect.

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For a Frozen 2 party, you can put the four element symbols on display! Mariah used her Cricut to cut the shapes, and then she added leaf stickers to represent the wind.

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Food & Drink Ideas

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  • Try a snow cone bar!
  • Blue chocolate-dipped pretzel rods and sprinkles make cute “icicles”
  • Carrots for “Olaf” noses
  • Sandwich bites (so you can finish each other’s sandwiches)
  • Blue cupcakes with snowflake rings
  • Blue jello “ice cubes”
  • Blue Kool-aid
  • “Snowballs”- popcorn balls dipped in white chocolate
  • Chocolate truffles or fudge, because Anna and Elsa love chocolate!
  • Hot Chocolate (We also like this pretty Elsa hot chocolate from Baking Beauty!)
  • These Olaf floating in a pool cups from Kid-friendly Things to Do are insanely adorable!!!
  • Frozen rock candy
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For one party, Maegan (and her helper, Olaf) made her famous Texas Sheet Cake, which was the perfect cake for our large crowd. She adorned it with blue sprinkles and Frozen figurines from the Disney Store.

Here’s another easy Frozen cake idea! Mariah made this little cake for her daughter’s Disney Princess birthday party. Two shades of blue frosting and a white chocolate snowflake for the top.

The snowflake is easy to make! Just print out a snowflake picture to the size you want, put wax paper over the image, and trace using warm melted white chocolate. Let dry and then carefully remove the chocolate snowflake to put on top!

frozen cake

Party Activities

Check out our list of fun Frozen themed games and activities!

Frozen Charades

Play charades like Anna and Elsa in Frozen 2! Print off our FREE Frozen charades word list, cut out the words, and put the words into a jar to draw from.

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At one of the parties, we had the kids pretend to be workers in Kristoff’s ice business. Mariah adapted this awesome idea she saw from Zakka Life. She plastic rings and other party favor goodies in layers of ice inside of a cake pan. The kids carefully chipped the ice with spoons until they got a prize. They loved it! This took about 15 minutes.

Lost in the Woods

Hide the birthday presents in the house or yard and give the birthday kid clues or a compass to help locate the gifts. Don’t get “lost in the woods” like Kristoff!

Nokk & Elsa(s)

Adapt the fun parachute game “Sharks & Lifeguards” to be Frozen themed! The “shark” could be Nokk trying to drag the swimmers into the water. The “lifeguards” could be Elsa rescuing the swimmers. Grab a parachute and have some fun!


As discussed in our Toys that Survive Every Purge post, playing dress-up is a favorite activity in our households! We often gift dress-up clothes to our kids as part of their birthday presents, and the costumes take the party themes to the next level.

What’s better than a costume you can wear to bed?! (This Amazon link leads to the prettiest Anna and Elsa night gowns in a variety of colors!)

If you want to have regular dress up clothes, click on the character name to get a costume!

Elsa (Blue Dress)

Elsa (Spirit Dress)

Anna (Travel Dress)

Queen Anna Dress





You can also go the home-made route for costumes and still get some cute results!

Our nephews were so adorable as Olaf and Sven! We made this Olaf hat with puffy paint and a stencil. Madison came to the rescue and made pipe cleaner antlers for “Sven” when we couldn’t find reindeer antlers in the Christmas bin. Look how great they turned out! Madison’s husband Alex channeled Kristoff most excellently in his fur hat.

Face painting

We decided to do some Frozen-themed face paint. We added sparkles, too! This was a huge hit with the kids!

Follow the String

In Frozen Fever, Elsa has to follow the string to discover her gifts. Line some string in your house and place gifts at certain points for your birthday girl or boy to find!

Pin the Nose on Olaf

Try a very spirited game of Pin the Nose on Olaf!

Makayla printed off a picture of Olaf and a few of his noses. It worked great!

Snowball Toss/Fight

For an outdoor activity, you can toss “snowballs” (frozen white water balloons) to each other and see how far you can catch them.

If your party is indoors, grab some jumbo white puffballs and have a snowball fight in an open area!

Dance Party

For our parties, we played several songs from the Frozen soundtrack. Everyone belted all the words and danced their hearts out.

Photo Booth

We used photo props (we used some from a summer clearance at Walmart, but you can grab Frozen themed props, too!) to do a silly photo booth. The giant Anna and Elsa posters were perfect for a backdrop. Can you tell we had a good time??

Gift Ideas

Mariah’s kids LOVE playing with these cute figurines!

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This Elsa Water Bottle is an adorable and practical gift!

We liked this mask set because there are two of everything, and multiple styles of Elsa and Anna. Makes great party favors.

Check out this cool projector light!

These cute caps come in a two-pack, with several varieties to choose from!

This is a great set for the kids that love to do art!

Cute Lego sets for your hands-on explorers.

Storybook mini set

Elsa’s castle set

These are some seriously adorable plushes!

Elsa and Nokk playset

We’d love to hear about any parties you’re throwing!

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