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This is Rosa, the little pink owl that has been attached to my daughter’s side for two years now.

pink owl, Rosa

Rosa was the center of my daughter’s birthday party this year. I wasn’t sure how we would pull off a cute party with me being only three weeks post C-section (Thank goodness my angel mom was in town!), but I think she was pleased with the results.

Here is what I did!

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Owl Themed Birthday Party


Our family always makes a giant birthday number for the wall. I was inspired by the wooden texture of this poster board, and decided to make a three tree. I found some awesome textured paper at Hobby Lobby to make leaves. Pink glitter paper was perfect to create a little owl to perch on the tree. I grabbed a shiny birthday banner to dress up the wall a bit more.

These whimsy paper trees were easy to make, and added a lil’ somethin’ to the kitchen scene.

My mother-in-law drew this cute pink owl! It made a fabulous statement piece in the kitchen.

large pink owl
owl decorations

We added balloon clusters on the side to frame it all in.

I thought it would look cool to bring some of the forest inside, and my plan was to gather some sticks from the yard, glitter them up, and use them in different parts of the decorating. But in the interest of time, I passed on this. Sometimes you just gotta simplify.

On the table, I bought two tablecloths that were different shades of pink. The sparkly, netted table runner was made of of pink material used at my wedding reception. Pink lanterns gave a little dimension to the presentation, too.


The party was held after dinner, so we served dessert.

Here’s our Rosa cake! Couldn’t resist the owl cake mold.

The perfect cake for an owl-themed birthday party

The Oreo truffles were a hit. I also made fruit dip, one of MaLee’s favorite appetizer recipes, and colored it pink.

Best treats for an Owl birthday party

We washed it all down with punch made from rainbow (raspberry-only was not in stock) sherbet and Sprite.

Owl birthday party table display

Games & Gifts

The party was just for family (and mostly adults) so we didn’t plan a ton of activities.

Hoot Owl Hoot was a perfect, simple game for a young kid with an owl obsession. The only problem was our kids still found a way to make this co-op game competitive, and they fought anyway.

For another activity, I made little “binoculars” from tp rolls and sent Kate on a bird watching excursion. I hid 10 owl stickers around the kitchen and dining room for her to find. It was a simple game, but fun for a young one.

For our last activity, we busted a classic pinata.

Owl birthday party game

I struck gold with this adorable pink owl dress! My girl LOVED it. It was so perfect for the party theme! We wore these cute party hats, too.

My sister (and fellow This Blue Dress blogger) Madison got to be there for the party! I was so happy to have her!

Madison and Mariah This Blue Dress

There you have it- simple and sweet! This was our last birthday of the year, so I’m free until January, when I’ll throw a Big Hero 6 party for my 6 year-old!


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