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A new baby is a sweet, huge change for a family! We are preparing to introduce a little boy to the world, and I want my other kids to feel special and included on the day their brother arrives. So I am in the process of making Big Sister gifts!

This time, our Big Sister gifts will consist of several small, personalized presents and activities that can be done with me in the hospital (and in the following weeks as I recover from my C-section). I plan on ordering a bed table like this for us to do activities on at home on.

If you’re needing some ideas of what to give to your older kids during this special time, you’re in the right place!

Big brother/big sister lovin'

20+ Big Brother/ Big Sister Gift Ideas

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Cute Tote Bags

You’ll want something cute and practical to put your gifts in! If you’re not into tote bags, try a backpack with a favorite character or eye-catching pattern on it. If you are crafty, grab a plain tote bag and create your own design!

Our bag picks: Unicorn tote, classic black and white stripe, Avenger totes, Mermaid Sequin Drawstring bag, Pokemon backpack, Disney Princess tote, Big Sister tote, Big Brother tote, personalized animal tote

Personalized Blanket

The new baby will likely receive a special blanket, and your older child might like one, too! Make or buy a quilt (or pay a friend to do it), a photo blanket, or grab a cozy throw to embroider initials on.

What's your favorite gift to give a new big brother or big sister?


Puzzles are engaging and quiet- the perfect combo. Try a cool, challenging puzzle together or scout the Dollar Store for a great selection of cheap, toddler-friendly character puzzles!


Your child can put a picture of him/herself with the new baby in the frame to put on a dresser or wall!


Nothing better than snuggle time with Mom and a new movie. I’d like to add Finding Nemo and The Hunchback of Notre Dame to our Disney collection.

Custom Shirts

Get the siblings matching family shirts, Big Brother/Little Sister shirts, or any cool shirt that will make them feel special.


Classics like Sorry!, Shoots n’ Ladders, Candy Land, or Go Fish would be great games to play with your kids. Have fun with a Mr. Potato Head or Cooties, too!

Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is so fun and meaningful. I’m getting the girls custom necklaces that have lines from their lullabies on the front and a message from me on the back.

If you have a child old enough to string beads, you can get a jewelry-making kit and make bracelets for each other at the hospital or later at home.

Big Brother/Big Sister Button

Older siblings will feel proud wearing a button that announces their awesome new status as they go to visit their new sibling!

A gift for the big brother or big sister can make them so happy!

Nail Polish

I have a very fond memory of my two year-old sitting beside me in my hospital bed, meticulously painting my nails bright purple. This time, I’ve got my eye on some mermaid polish.

Hair Brush Kit

Do each other’s hair with these cute kits! My girls have a blast pretending to be Sunny Day at her hair salon.

Gift Cards

You can give your older kids a gift card to their favorite restaurant, and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa can take them there for a fun lunch or dinner. Or you can do a gift card for a fun store where they can pick out their own gift or a gift for the new baby.


What kid doesn’t like stickers?? You can go with reusable ones as well and make cool scenes together as you relax in bed.

Grab and Go Packs

These inexpensive packs (check the Dollar Store too!) have a mini coloring book, stickers, and tiny markers, and the resealing ability makes these awesome for keeping things together.

Water Wow

Young kids love these no-to-low mess books that only require a little water to use. Once the books dry, kids can “paint” the pictures again!

Stuffed Animal

A sweet stuffed friend can be a comfort during the transition of becoming an older sibling. If your child already has a favorite animal, consider getting a cool accessory or even a “younger sibling” for their animal.

Color Wonder

Be stress-free with these mess-free books. Coloring Books and crayons are a cheap alternative!

books make a great gift


You could get your child a big sister/brother book for the special occasion, or another cool storybook. My kids love Usborne books- check them out here!

Matching Headwear

Matching hair accessories or hats make a great gift for your kids, and may help the older child to bond more with the baby by having something matching to wear.

Future Date Plans

Include tickets or other description of a planned fun mommy-daughter/mommy/son date that you will go on together once you’re back on your feet.


Great for so many ages, and cheap!

Special Snacks

I hope to extend the time of my older kids’ visits to the hospital by minimizing hanger. Baby goldfish and fruit snacks will definitely be included in our Big Sister gift bags!

Note or Picture from YOU

Your child will likely have a little trouble adjusting to the new family dynamic, and a little extra love from you will go a long way. A cute picture of the two of you to put by their bed or a handwritten note will help remind them that your love for them hasn’t changed!

A sweet kiss from big sister

What will you give to your older kids for this special occasion?


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