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Accio #allltheharrypotterthings!

In honor of Harry Potter’s birthday, we’re sharing 7 Wizarding World things we are loving right now. Of course, the books and movies are a must, and what fan hasn’t tried Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans? So This Blue Dress wants to share 7 favorite Harry Potterish discoveries we’ve found this year.

Have you heard of any of these picks?

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1. This cookbook my son received as a Christmas gift.

The recipes are tasty, and we love the quotes and overall Harry Potterness of the book.

2. Adorable Harry Potter stickers from Etsy Seller Pumpkin Paper Co.

(By the way, all of her stuff is amazing!) *The stickers are currently not in stock at the time of this post, but her Harry Potter dashboards are cute too!

3. The Harry Potter recipe videos from The Starving Chef.

These videos are fun and the recipes sound delicious!

4. This awesome Harry Potter-themed Airbnb.

Our family had so much fun here during our family reunion!

Harry Potter airbnb

5. A book that smells like Honeydukes.

What goodie would you want to sniff first? I haven’t been to any Harry Potter parks or stores yet, so I’m wanting to try a classic chocolate frog!

6. A unique Harry Potter sweater from Hot Topic.

Several cool Potter tops caught our eye from this store recently. We think you’ll find one you love also!

7. This awesome glow-in-the-dark Marauder’s Map mug.

The perfect mug for your pumpkin juice or butterbeer!

Just looking at these makes my Muggle heart smile! We hope our list did your Harry Potter-loving heart some good too.


Do you have a favorite Harry Potter “thing”? We’d love to hear YOUR picks below!