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I love talking with anyone and everyone about the ZYIA Active rep opportunity! This business has completely changed our lives, and I know that there are many families waiting to be blessed with this opportunity.

If you have already jumped into ZYIA, you know how amazing it is and might be looking for new ways to share this business with others. I personally love sharing the rep opportunity through messaging via Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Here are some message templates to get you started! Remember, sending personal messages is one of the BEST ways to boost your business and to set yourself up for longterm success.

Set a goal for how many messages you want to send a day (I would recommend at LEAST 10!) and share that goal with your upline so they can help keep you accountable. EVERYONE should be sending personal messages EVERY DAY if you are serious about making the big bucks with ZYIA. 

I do not recommend copying/pasting these messages word for word. Take them and then tweak them a bit to make them sound more like you. If we are all sending the exact same messages, it gives ZYIA a bad rap and we are not being genuine. So take these messages and make them YOURS! You can do this! 

Also keep in mind: you can send out these messages via voice chat, not just in “text” form. People like to hear that it’s a real person on the other side and that you took the time to send them a personal message. I usually do a mix of text and voice messages. 

Personal Messages for Booking Parties

Warm message ideas–

  • Hey (name)! I JUST started my own online activewear shop with ZYIA Active. I’m looking for 10 people to host online Facebook parties to help kick off my new business. I would love for you to be one of my 10! Are you interested in helping me out and getting some free and 50% off items? 

**Send a graphic of the hostess rewards

  • Hey (name)! Hope you’re staying safe and healthy. I’m looking to get some people together for an online ZYIA party to virtually hang out and shop some of this stress away. Would you be interested in hosting a social distance friendly ZYIA party to earn some free and half price ZYIA? 
  • Hey (name)! Hope you’re doing well! I know you live in activewear, and I have not found a brand I love more than ZYIA Active. I’m looking for some ladies to host a Facebook party to earn these incredible clothes free and 50% off. I do all the work and you get the hostess rewards! What do you think? 

Cold message ideas–

  • Hi (name)! My name is (your first name) and I rep for ZYIA Active, an activewear line similar to Lululemon and Athleta. Would you be interested in hosting an online Facebook party to earn some free and 50% off workout gear? It’s a ton of fun and I do all the work to get you some free clothes. What do you think? 
  • Hi (name)! Looks like you live a healthy lifestyle and live in activewear. Me too! Have you ever heard of ZYIA Active? I’m looking for some gals to host an online Facebook party to earn some of these clothes FREE and 50% off! Looks like you’d be a great fit! Would you be interested in more info on hosting a party? 

Personal Messages for Sponsoring Reps

Warm message ideas-

  • Hey (name)! I hope you’re doing well. (insert personal statement here about their kids, something you have seen on Facebook lately, etc). I have absolutely loved being a rep for ZYIA Active. Would you be open to taking a look at what I do?
  • Hey (name)! Hope things are going well for you and your family. I know that you have been looking for (fill in the blank. A way to work from home? A way to spend more time with your family? A way to make a little extra income? A way to pay off debts or afford a certain vacation or some other financial thing?) ZYIA has given me this opportunity and so much more! Are you open to taking a look at what I do? 
  • Ohhhhh (name)! Girl I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you! I decided to start my own activewear boutique online and thought out of everyone I know this would be totally your jam! Would you be interested in taking a look at what this new business is all about? 
  • (name)!!! You are my hustle idol! I’ve always looked up to you and your desire to open businesses and look into new things. I think my new activewear boutique could totally be up your alley and something you could rock. Could you take a look at it and tell me your opinion?

Cold message ideas– 

  • Hey (name)! I love your passion for health and fitness. Me too! 
  • I’m a sales rep for an awesome activewear brand, and I’m looking for team members. Are you interested?
  • Hi (name)! I see you live an active lifestyle. You seem to be very confident and motivated. I think you may want to take a look at what I do. If I sent you a short video that explains what I do would you watch it?

Personal Messages for Getting sales: 

Warm message ideas–

  • Hi (name)! I know you live in activewear. Have you ever heard of ZYIA Active? I recently became a rep because I LOVE these amazing clothes. SO much better than my old Nike, Target, Lululemon or Fabletics workout gear. Would you be open to taking a look at my website? I personally guarantee everything from my shop.
  • Hey friend!! I’ve never introduced you to my online boutique! Here’s the skinny: my shop has clothing designed to be comfortable, cute, and durable ? This Wednesday, we will be releasing brand new items! Here’s a link to my customer Facebook group – where I do giveaways and other fun stuff ? I hope you’ll check it out! <3 
  • Hey (name)! I hope you’re surviving this quarantine ?! I decided to start my own activewear shop and value your opinion about cute and quality clothes. Would you be interested in checking out my line and giving me your opinion? 

Cold message ideas

  • Hi (name)! Love your Instagram! I rep for a premium activewear brand called Zyia Active. I am obsessed with this line and I think you’ll love it too!I’d love to get your opinion about my line. Would you be interested in a code for (whatever you want to offer) off your first purchase?

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