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Dear Sister, 

Do you know how many countless times I have been asked “Are you a Crouch girl?” Do you know how many times I have been called Maegan? Or Makayla? Not only by strangers but even by our parents!

There was always a list of names shouted before they got to mine: Madison. Number 6 in the family, but number 5 in girls!

I had to follow all of you in everything that you did, and it was very overwhelming. There were times I didn’t want to be your little sister, but in hindsight, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

Following you has been a blessing. Truly, an amazing blessing that I was gifted with so many wonderful big sisters. 

Sisters are kind of the best. We always share the quote:

“The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other”

It is so true! Nothing can compare to the bond of sisterhood. 

Sisterhood can be a big sacrifice. You have to give up a part of yourself and accept the other woman for the imperfect daughter of God that she is. It is not always perfect, but this bond is so beautiful.

In the past, I was focused on the sacrifices I made for us, but I know you also made sacrifices. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to have me trailing behind you all the time, and I would like to publically and formally apologize for the stunts I pulled. And I know you’ll forgive me because you always do.

That is one of the reasons you are the best! 

You are ALL the best. When people ask me “who is your favorite sister” or “who are you closest to” I do not have an answer. I love each of you so much and you have given me something that is irreplaceable. 

You were there to do my hair for homecoming. And there when I had my first crush. You gave me all the praise I needed to get over my stage fright on my first opening night.

You held my hand when I was sick, and prayed for me when the doctors did not know how to help me.

You cried with me when dad would leave on his deployments, and helped me color ‘Welcome Home’ signs when he returned.

You cheered for me at middle school track meets when you’d visit from college. You drove hours to come to see me perform in a play that I had a minor role in. How amazing is that!

I never made a ton of friends because I already had my best friends at home; I had you!

I followed you around and mimicked your laugh because I liked the way it sounded. I stole your clothes when you weren’t home because I liked the way you dressed.

I wanted to be just like you.

I want to be everything you are because you are wonderful. 

You are so patient. Never have I seen such tolerance in anyone, and it makes me think of Christ. Even when I would sneak into your room to steal your “secret” chocolate stash, you did not reprimand me, instead, you just added more chocolate. What an amazing quality that is!

You are so kind to people, even when they are not kind to you. I would not have such strength to turn the other cheek but you always do, time and time again. 

You do not shy away from what is right, even when it is hard or embarrassing. I know people have mocked you, yet you still choose the right. 

You are so talented in everything you do. You are an amazing singer, artist, cook, student, teacher, athlete, businesswoman, mom, homemaker, wife, and so much more. You often roll your eyes or brush me off when I say that, but I work so hard at the same things that come so easily to you! 

You are an amazing mother. Even when your children are crazy, loud, and whiny, you show them love and respect unceasingly. I love watching you grow as a mother and having you let me peek into that part of your life. 

You are so funny. I never laugh as much as I do when I am with you. Your stories, your expressions, your laugh, it is all amazing. I always want to share my favorite jokes with you! We have thousands of inside jokes and I find myself looking for you in times when something reminds me of you (yellow truck). 

You are so strong. You thought that I was too young to see you and know your struggles but watching you in pain hurt me too. I watched you make the hard choice and put a smile on for everyone else, even on days you did not think it was possible. I am your number one fan! 

You cared for me even when I made it difficult. I was not an easy sister to love, but you taught me and cared for me in specific ways that helped me grow. 

You were not always perfect in your life. You made mistakes you regret, but I am especially grateful for those times. Those moments you wish you could redo, I watched those. I got to see the boyfriends who did not deserve your time, the moments when you lost patience with your spouse, and the time you yelled at mom. Just as you learned from your mistakes, I learned too! It was probably embarrassing for you, but I want to thank you for those things. That sounds so weird to say, but it is a gift that I cannot return. I am so grateful for the chance to watch you and learn from you. 

You are so forgiving. When I made mistakes, like the HUGE ones, you hugged me and told me you loved me. I needed that so badly. You could have yelled or endlessly teased me but you chose the higher road. 

You helped me on my wedding day. When your arm was still in a sling, you did not only my hair but all of the bridesmaids’ hair. When my makeup smeared from crying, you lovingly reapplied it. When mom was in a wheelchair and couldn’t unbutton my dress, you took the time to do every. Single. Button. Multiple times as I changed dresses. You drove me to the hospital to say goodbye to my husband’s grandfather. You sang a song that I know you probably thought was performed poorly, but that moment is so so dear to both Alex and I. It was such an emotional day for us, and we needed that reminder that families CAN be together forever. Thank you for those moments. 

And thank you for the moments you continue to give me.

Thank you for letting me sleep at your house every time I miss you and your kids. Thank you for telling me about the best deals and sending me links. Thank you for letting me vent when someone is frustrating me and it feels like no one else understands (but you totally do). Thank you for sharing embarrassing pregnancy stories so that I am more prepared when it is my turn. Thank you for making me an aunt and sharing your beautiful children with me. Thank you for buying me stuff when I am too poor to afford it. Thank you for cheering me on even on days when I think I am going to quit. Thank you for loving my husband as your brother and adopting him into our family (he thinks you’re cool too). Thank you for leading a life enveloped in Christ because you bring me closer to him.

Have I thanked you enough? Impossible. Every day you do something more to show me how much you love and care for me.

So today I wanted to show you. Show you how much I LOVE you and the person that you are. You ladies are my WCW every Wednesday!

How lucky I am to be your little sister.

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