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Refresh Your Fall_ Keep a Gratitude Log #gratitude #thanksgiving #refreshyourfall #lists

Refresh Your Fall Day 10_ Keep a Gratitude LogGratitude Logs. You’ve probably seen the beautiful Thanksgiving prompts floating around Facebook and Pinterest. Are you already participating in one? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

I haven’t done one this year, so this challenge was perfect for today! It’s been a busy week, and this is an ideal time to reflect on the many things I’m grateful for.

We talked about the 100 Things List in our Journal Challenge, so I’m going to demonstrate the concept here by writing 100 Things I’m Grateful For. Unedited. It’s ok if there are repeats, and they aren’t listed in order of importance. You’re just supposed to keep making the list without taking breaks until you’ve done all 100.

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100 Things I’m Grateful For

Refresh Your Fall: List 100 Things You Are Grateful For #gratitude #family #thanksgiving

  1. The sound of thunderstorms
  2. Baby snuggles
  3. The Savior
  4. My husband
  5. My children
  6. My parents and siblings
  7. The rest of my family
  8. The Gospel
  9. The scriptures
  10. Hershey’s chocolate
  11. French Fries
  12. Ice water
  13. Homemade bread
  14. Books
  15. Reading aloud to my children
  16. Art supplies
  17. Christmas ornaments
  18. Pinterest
  19. Planners
  20. Washi tape
  21. Flowers
  22. Fall leaves
  23. Hot chocolate
  24. Long walks with my husband
  25. Dates
  26. Maegan night
  27. Hobby Lobby
  28. The Temple
  29. Christmas trees
  30. Baskets
  31. Cute wrapping
  32. Ice cream sundaes
  33. Tacos
  34. Playing the piano
  35. Listening to my favorite songs
  36. Playing board games
  37. A clean car
  38. Girls’ Night
  39. Studio C
  40. Laughing with my family
  41. Homeschooling
  42. This Blog
  43. My Usborne Business
  44. Jump ropes
  45. Gone With The Wind
  46. Calligraphy
  47. Watercolors
  48. A pretty dress
  49. The color blue
  50. Cute ballet flats
  51. Seeing my children accomplish a goal
  52. Singing lullabies to my children
  53. My angel babies
  54. Handmade cards
  55. Pumpkin muffins
  56. Apple pie
  57. Steak N Shake Chili
  58. Winsteads
  59. Lace
  60. Pretty ribbon
  61. Comfy bed
  62. Sleeping in late
  63. Snowfall
  64. My favorite gloves
  65. Sledding
  66. Swinging with my children
  67. A great joke
  68. Comfy jackets
  69. Onion rings
  70. Beautiful cakes
  71. Tacos
  72. The Scarlet Pimpernel (book and movie)
  73. Charles Dickens
  74. The Mansion and A Christmas Carol
  75. Broadways Songs
  76. My violin
  77. Getting my braces done and off
  78. Playing Loaded Questions with my family
  79. Building legos with my children
  80. Tea parties with my girls
  81. Baking cookies
  82. Glitter
  83. A blank notebook or canvas
  84. Bouquets of sharpened pencils
  85. A good friend
  86. Scrapbooks
  87. Chinese takeout and fortune cookies
  88. My favorite workouts
  89. Family dance parties
  90. Long conversations with my husband
  91. Plays
  92. The chance to try again tomorrow
  93. Others’ talents that I get to enjoy
  94. Smells that remind me of special memories
  95. Candles
  96. Wedding photos
  97. Seasons
  98. The Beach
  99. Family Trips
  100. The fact that this was really easy


Sooo… I guess I’m really hungry, and you know I love tacos! 🙂 Honestly though, this took only a few minutes and was so refreshing! I hope you’ll take a little time to do a gratitude log of your own today, whatever style you want!

If you’re looking for a gratitude journal, I think these are beautiful:

What are some things you are grateful for this year?


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