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Simple & Sweet Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

I love Valentine’s Day! I love how cheesy and lovey-dovey it is. Even when I was single, my mom always made it fun and special. Which is probably why I love it so much. Today, I’m doing a post on what I do for my kids, since they are some of my favorite Valentines.

Make It Pink

Pink food for kid's Valentines Day fun

Every year we have pink food! I generally make pink pancakes, because those are easy, and I’m a mom, and easy food is life. We have strawberry milk, strawberries, or raspberries, or cherries–you get the idea. We make pink heart-shaped cookies and and and. All of the food is pink! When my husband and I were dating, I made his favorite soup and biscuits, but I colored it all pink! He ate it but rolled his eyes at me lovingly. But now he knows that we always have pink food.

Spread Some Love

Heart Shaped Cookies and Cutouts for Valentines Day

We make hearts to hang up around our house. And we make Valentine’s for each other and our friends. Some years, we make them for our favorite neighbor friends and walk them over with some of our heart cookies.

Pink and Red Presents

Pink and Red Valentine's Gifts for Kids

We also get pink or red gifts!  One year, I got my daughter a Barbie movie that had lots of pink on the cover, and I got my son a red ball. Or one year, they got a pink book. Another year, my daughter got one of her favorite My Little Ponies, which happened to be pink. It is so fun!

I love holidays; I love making them fun and something that my kids look forward to… most of the time 😉 Happy tradition-making This Blue Dressers!

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions?


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