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Looking for a fun, affordable music experience for your children that you can do at home? Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik Virtual Classes are our favorite!

I’m excited to share my honest review of our latest virtual children’s activity find, and it’s a gem!

I love music. I love kids. I know how important music is for a child’s development. My Bachelor’s degree is even in Human Development, and I’ve taught children’s music classes for six years.

But with the crazy state of the world and my own unique, busy mom life, I haven’t been able to have regular music classes for my children this year.

Our occasional YouTube videos and family sing-alongs were great but not enough. I’m so excited to share the solution that has worked perfectly for my family–Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik Virtual Classes.

*I received class access in exchange for my honest social media review. This blog post was not required and all opinions are my own.

Speaking and singing in Spanish together in Grow and Sing Bilingual Birdies

How do Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik Virtual Classes work?

Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik Virtual Classes are LIVE virtual classes for ages 0-7 (although older siblings are welcomed and included!). They take place over a secure Zoom link.

Each week you’ll get an email with the course schedule for that week and digital resources including suggested props. They have a wonderful list of quality instruments, play silks, etc. but also fun ideas to use from home which is what we’ve been doing so far. My children love using their stuffed animals for class!

The classes are designed to feel like a live Kindermusik class, where the online teachers facilitate the learning, and you as the parent, grandparent, or caregiver have fun interacting with your child. Most classes are about 30 minutes, with a few classes offered each weekday.

We are participating in the Bilingual Birdies (online Spanish music class) and Kindermusik Virtual programs, but Grow and Sing Studios also offers online piano and voice lessons, online birthday parties, and online adult exercise classes like yoga and tap dance! You can learn more about their course offerings here.

Toddler listens to Grow and Sing Studios lullaby class

What we LOVE about Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik Virtual Classes

The Amazing Teachers!

We’ve taken classes from five different teachers, and they’ve all been so engaging, fun, and kind. The classes have an in-person feel because the teachers make an effort to get to know and remember the students’ names, preferences, and personalities.

My almost two-year-old came running from across the house when she heard Ms. Marisol playing the guitar and singing! “Music! Music!”

The Flexible and Convenient Class Schedule

It can be hard sometimes to commit to a specific in-person class time each week, especially if you homeschool or have multiple children! I wanted to take a Kindermusik class with my oldest when he was a toddler, but I could never get the schedule to work out.

I love that we can take the virtual classes that work for us each week. (Although my kids want to take ALL of them!)

I also LOVE the convenience of not having to straighten my house in the middle of our homeschool day for an in-person home music lesson OR bundle up lots of littles and hunt for missing shoes to go somewhere OR find a babysitter for the children who aren’t taking the class!

I love getting to go through the Foundations Kindermusik program with my youngest girls!

The Developmentally Sound Curriculum

The classes teach foundational music skills like reading notes/rhythm, crescendo, types of instruments, and more, in the best ways for children’s brains (movement, visual aids, repetition, etc.).

The teachers also help you make meaningful connections with your children with baby massage, special songs for hugs, lots of silliness and laughs, and our favorite “You Are My Sunshine” closing. It’s like all the notes from my child development classes poured into a fun experience for families.

The classes are exactly what I would want to set up for my children, but I don’t have to do any prep! I can just enjoy my children and the beautiful music and fun dancing!

The Music, Story, and Class Variety

My family knows LOTS of songs, and we read several books a day. I didn’t think my children would be getting a lot of exposure to new music and literature in these classes. I’m glad I was wrong!

Every class we’ve done has had songs my children have never heard before, both newer songs and great oldies, as well as “classics” they can belt out to–like Baby Shark. And my budding guitarist is starstruck by the teachers’ great guitar playing!

The Spanish music class has been an amazing addition to our language learning. The Foundations class is a sweet time to focus on my little ones, and we all love listening to the lullabies and stories.

Toddler Enjoying Grow and Sing Kindermusik Virtual Class with her stuffed animal
Lydia loves dancing and singing with her lovey during class!

The Inclusive Classes

One of my children has special needs that sometimes make in-person classes difficult. I love that this child can participate at whatever level they want to without disrupting others. It’s a huge relief to have a class without stress for both of us!

The virtual model is inclusive because so many ages and development stages can participate together! My older children have been so sweet with their little sisters; the bigger ones are learning more compassion, and the little ones have more fun following their big siblings!

I can also get someone a snack, change a little one’s diaper, and hop right back into class with whoever is attending that day.

All the Fun!

We love Grow and Sing Studios’ unique themes each week, like favorite colors, camping, and awesome dance parties! The Kindermusik curriculum is just as stellar as I had heard from other moms. My children have loved each class even though they all have very different personalities and interests.

It is heartwarming to see their enthusiasm for music and the fun they have together!

Children singing to Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik Virtual Classes

Anything we don’t love?

Honestly, no! We always try to share all the details we would want to know about a program. Maybe that my six-year-old’s Amazon book list is getting looooong because the teachers share such great books?

It would be nice if we could meet the teachers in real life because they are amazing, but I would still choose virtual classes for this stage of life for my family.

I did miss a few classes at first because I didn’t factor in the time zone difference with Orlando where Grow and Sing Studios is located. Once I signed up for their Remind app feature, that wasn’t a problem anymore. I love that it helps me not forget class with so much going on at home.

The time zone difference could be an issue depending on where you live, but with multiple classes throughout the week, you’ll probably find one that works for you!

After Lullabies and Stories. I love getting new ideas for lullabies for this cutie pie and her big brothers and sisters.
Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik Virtual Classes are a hit at the O’Loughlins!

They are a highlight of our homeschool year. I love how much more we’re all singing and dancing and learning.

Right now you can try a week of Grow and Sing Studio Kindermusik Virtual Classes for $15. (I do not receive any compensation if you sign up!) I highly recommend checking it out! I think you and your children will have a blast!


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